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julio 10, 2007

Descarga Directa De New Order “Blue Monday Remixes” , Culture Dance Vol . 8 , Paula Abdul Remixes , Eight Wonder – The Best Remixes , Soda Stereo – Cancion Animal , Eight Wonder Fearless , La Maxi Boite Des Annes 80 Vol.1 , David Guetta – Love Is Gone , The Magic OfBoney M , Bolero Mix 23 , Sting & The Police , Culture Dance Vol. 9 , Baladitas Vol. 2 ,
Baladitas , Miki Gonzalez – Akundún , Rock Latino 12ers , Charly Garcia Mtv Unplugged ,
September – In Orbit , Cobra – Soundtrack , Los Prisioneros – Corazones , Los Prisioneros –
Grandes Exitos , Tropicales Latinos , Super Éxitos ¡Para Gozar! , Maquina Total 6 , Las
Buenazas De Ke Buena , Sandra – 18 Greatest Hits , 70’S Disco Fever Stars Only , Erreway
(Rebelde Way) , Los Embajadores Criollos , Juan Gabriel , Los Indios Trabajaras , Aportes:
Dj Loncho , Alborada , Chiquetete , Chimo Bayo , Jon Secada , Baladas Del Recuerdo , 100
Exitos Clasicos De La Cumbia , Pedidos – Junio , La Bouche – Sweet Dreams (1995) , Sylvester
– 12 Inches , Kylie Minogue – Remixes , Gusto Latino 2006¡ , Explosión De Iquitos , La Ley
Unplugged , Miguel Mateos – Hits , Pimpinella – Convivencia , Thalia – Mundo De Cristal ,
Thalia – Love , El Mejor Album De Los 90’S , Franceso Salvi , Cyndi Lauper , Benny Mardones ,
Jovanotti – The Best , Technotronic Remixes , Full Remixes , Jerry Rivera – Cuenta Conmigo ,
Autocontrol , Jerry Rivera , The Cars Anthology , Debbie Gibson – Electric Youth , The Cars
– Greatest Hits , 12 Éxitos De La Música Latina , Bolero Mix 20 , 14 Cañonazos Bailables
Vol. 31 (1991) , Spider Man 3 Sound Track , Gianmarco , Sabrina – The Best , Pedidos Mayo ,
Freddy Roland & Charito Alonso , Karolina , 80 En 12″ Pulgadas , Viva El Caribe 3 , Bachata
Hits 2007 , Virus – Wadu Wadu , I Love The 80s Megamix Volume I (By Ockley) [2006]… , Los
Pasteles Verdes , Mecano & Hombres G – Karaoke , Enigma – Love Sensuality Devotion – The
Greatest H… , Agua Bella , Latinos Clásicos 4 , Latinos Clasicos 3 , Version Disco ,
Britney Spears , Enamórate Otra Vez , Emmanuel , Rock En Tu Idioma “Diez Años” , Miguel Bosé
“Papito” , Adolescents Orquesta “Ahora Más Que Nunca” , Adolescent’S Orquesta , Hombres G –
Los Singles 1984-1993 , Smash Mouth – Fush You Mang , Líbido – Pop Porn , Líbido – Acústica ,
Lucho Barrios , Julio Jaramillo – Coleccion De Oro , Culture Dance Vol. 5 , Culture Dance
Vol. 6 , Super Caliente , Crónica Del Rock Peruano , Joe Arroyo , La Gran Noche De Peña Vol.
Ii , Cómplices Al Rescate , Infected By 80 Megamix , Los 100 Mayores Exitos De La Música
Salsa , Pedro Suarez Vertiz “Play” , Ráfaga “Dueños Del Viento” , Vilma Palma E Vampiros ,
Locomia Megamix , Eddie Santiago – “De Verdad” 15 Super Exitos. , Latinos Clasicos 2 ,
Isabel Pantoja – Mis Mejores Canciones De Amor , Leo Dan 20 Exitos , G.I.T. , Gloria Estefan
“Mi Tierra” , Willy Rivera , Leonardo Favio , Dúo Antología , Antología Del Rock Peruano
1980-1990 , Trémolo “Vencerá” , Tarzan – Banda Sonora , Pedro Suarez Vertiz – Lo Mejor ,
Fame Soundtrack , Manuelcha Prado , Culture Dance Vol. 4 , Culture Beat – Serenity , Arena
Hash , Marc Anthony , Locomia – Taiyo , Máquina Total , Dlg , Ráfaga En Vivo , Pedrito
Fernandez , Alborada , Pata Amarilla , Inxs , Soda Stereo , Back To The 80’S , Los Enanitos
Verdes , Chabuca Granda , Milli Vanilli , Italo Disco , Kjarkas , Rockas , Música Disco ,
Rock Latino , Christian Meier , Culture Dance Vol. 3 , Rick Astley 12″ , Proyección , Los
Mojarras , Maritza Rodríguez , Alquimia , Parchis , Rock Peruano Vol. 2 , Los Maravillosos ,
Niños Cantores De Huaraz , Miguel Bosé , Armonía 10 , Culture Dance Vol. 2 , Latinos
Clasicos , Soda Stereo , Rock Peruano Vol. 1 , Miky Gonzales , Gaitan Castro , Techno Vol. 4
, Culture Dance Vol. 1 , Líbido , Carmencita Lara , Nose Quien Y Los Nose Cuantos , Max
Castro “Busco A Huamaga” , 80’S Extended 12″ , William Luna , Agua Bella Pasillos, Valses Y
Boleros , Peru Criollo , Lo Mejor De Los 80 , Techno Vol. 3 , Grupo Río , Menudo 20 Éxitos ,
Euforia De Iquitos , Lo Mejor De Ráfaga , Techno Vol. 2 , Ada Y La Nueva Pasión , Laura León
Grandes Éxitos , Techno Vol. 1 , Los Kipus , Lo Mejor De La Salsa Vol. 1 , Juan Diego Flórez
, Aguja & Vinilo , Agua Bella , Yma Sumac The Ultimate Collection , Lucha Reyes , Los
Kjarkas , Si Tuviera 30 – Sound Track , Trilogía De La Música Andina , Música X Cable Vol. 2
, Locomia – Locovox , Super Éxitos ¡Para Gozar! , Las Buenazas



junio 27, 2007

Descarga directa de Pencil Lead Syrenge – The Agua Mansa Massacre ,Pessimist (Us) – Cult Of
The Initiated 1997 ,Inferia – Parental Advisory ,4 Way Split ! Death Metal 2002..Created To
Kill ,Cock And Ball Torture – Albums ,Rotten Sound – Under Pressure 1997 ,Rotten Sound –
Drain 1999 ,Extincion Cerebral – Virtualizer ,Flesh Parade – Kill Whitey ,Cunt Grinder –
Escaped From Madhouse ,The Red Chord – Prey For Eyes (2007) ,Drawn And Quartered – Merciless
Hammer Of Lucifer … ,Divine Rapture – The Burning Passion (2003) ,Suhrim – Unidentified
Flying Bodyparts ,Bokrug – Demo 2005 ,Violence Unleashed- Spawned To Kill (2007) ,Pisshitter
– Grundle Punch 2006 ,Incrust – Baptized In Unholy Gore ,Squash Bowels – Tnyribal ,Sothoth –
From Deformity Till Homicide (2007) ,Digested Flesh/Inhuman Dissiliency – Split (2006) ,
Quest Of Aidance – Fallen Man Collection ,Carnal Diafragma – Space Symphony Around Us ,
Negligent Collateral Collapse – Sick Atoms 2005 ,Havok – World Shroud (2007) [Single] ,
Suhrim – The Cunt Collector ,Hybrid – Beyond Undeniable Entropy ,Ulcerate – The Coming Of
Genocide (2006) Best Of C… ,Lividity ..The Age Of Clitoral Decay 2000 ,Anopsy – Anguish Of
Torture 2004 ,The Circle Of Zaphyan – Flesh Without Soul (2003) ,
Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis (Mexic… ,Guttural Secrete – Demo2003 & Ep2004 ,
Vital Remains – The Black Mass – 1991 ,Terrorizer – Darker Days Ahead (2006) ,Odious Mortem
– Gestation Of Worms Demo 2003 ,Nile – Legacy Of The Catacombs (2007 Best Of/Compi… ,
Hacksaw To The Throat – Tear My Eyes Out…2003 ,Mortal Decay- Cadaver Art (2005) ,Degrade –
Lost Torso Found ,Malamor – Dead To The World ,Nile – Ithyphallic (2007) ,Execrator – Albums
,Decapitated- Discography ,Hacksore – (Promo 2005 & Promo Of Gore 2007) ,Gross Misconduct –
The Process Of Indoctrination 2… ,Beheaded – Ominuos Bloodline ,G.O.R.E. – From Second
Side ,Tyrants From The Abyss (A Tribute To Morbid Angel)… ,Coercion – Forever Dead (1997)
Swedish Death Metal… ,Coercion-Delete 1998 [Swedish Death Metal] ,Beheaded – Resurgence Of
Oblivion [Ep] ,A Tribute To Morbid Angel – Scream Forth Blasphemy… ,Cerebral Effusion –
Immortal Cemetery [Ep] ,Burn Victim – Baptized In Gasoline ,Needful Things – Dead Point 2005
,Squash Bowels -The Mass Rotting The Mass Sickening… ,Matron – Demonic Sanatorium [Ep] ,
Triac – Dead House Dreaming 2005 ,Foetopsy – Dyspartum ,Kalopsia – Exquisite Beauty Of The
Defiled 2003 ,Splattered Mermaids – Creation Of Wounds 2006 ,Funebrarum – Beneath The
Columns Of Abandoned Gods… ,Spasme – Deep Inside (2000) ,Foetopsy – In The Bathroom ,
Council Of The Fallen- Deciphering The Soul (2004)… ,Brutal Murder – Intracranial Total
Insanity ,Mucopus – Mulch ,Drowned In Blood – The Warfare Continues ,Guttural Engorgement –
The Slow Decay Of Infested … ,Infected Flesh – Anthropophagical Devourment 2002 ,Lecherous
Nocturne – Adoration Of The Blade 2006 ,Necrotic Disgorgement – Suffocated In Shrinkwrap
2… ,Zillah – Substitute For A Catastrophe 2006 ,Dysentery – Slaughtered Remnants 2002 ,
Immolation – Harnessing Ruin (2005) ,Lecherous Nocturne – Lecherous Nocturne Ep 2003 ,Gog
Among Insects- Zombienomicon (2006) ,Domination Through Impurity – Essence Of Brutality… ,
Pyorrhoea – Desire For Torment (2004) ,Pyrexia- Age Of The Wicked (2007) ,Visceral Bleeding-
Absorbing The Disarray (2007) ,Kataklysm- In The Arms Of Devastation (2006) ,Ruins (Aus)-
Spun Forth As Dark Nets (2006) ,Kretan – Christian Corpse Mutilation (Ep) ,Sikfuk – Lobster
Claw Handjob (Demo) ,Scrambled Defuncts – Catacomb Abattoir 1998 ,Dies Irae – Immolated
(Poland 2000) ,Goro – Goro (Ep) ,Cerebral Effusion – Smashed And Splattered Organs ,Pillory
– No Lifeguard At The Gene Pool (2005) ,God Dethroned- The Grand Grimoire (1997) ,Vornagar-
The Bleeding Holocaust (2005) ,Spawn Of Possession- Discography ,Soulburner – When Sanity Is
Lost ,Inhume – Decomposing From Inside ,Impure – Something Evil ,Severe Torture – Butchery
Of The Soul 2002 ,Corpse Vomit – Drowning In Puke ,Putrilage – Devouring The Gutted 2002 ,
Ribspreader – Rotten Rhythms And Rancid Rants (A C… ,Ribspreader – Bolted To The Cross
(Sweden 2004) ,Defleshed – Reclaim The Beat 2005 ,Eardelete – Zombielogy ,Gorerotted – A New
Dawn For The Dead – 2005 ,Sufferatory – Compulsory Martyrdom – 2003 ,Khert-Neter – Images Of
Khepri (2005) ,Machetazo – Ultratumba ,Sinister – Creative Killing 2001 ,Guttural Secrete –
Reek Of Pubescent Despoilment ,Terrorist – Mata O Muere ,Malignancy – Cross Species
Transmutation 2003 ,Shival Vah – Decay Of Our Nation ,Murder Corporation – Whole Lotta
Murder Goin’ On ,Dawn Of Dreams – Darklight Awakening (2000) ,Odious Mortem- Devouring The
Prophecy (2004) ,Brutus – Slachtbesst ,Blood Reaping – Ignis Penumbra 2003 ,Vomit Remnants –
Indefensive Vehemence Ep 2001 ,Purulent Infection – Exhuming The Putrescent [U.S… ,
Infected Malignity – “The Malignity Born From Desp… ,Vomit Remnants – Brutally Violated
1998 ,Nile – Among The Catacomb Of Nephren-Ka 1999 ,Unlegacy – New Order Of Human Flesh Ep
2005 ,Severed Savior – Forced To Bleed Ep 2001 ,Cannibal Corpse – Kill 2006 ,Avulsed –
Stabwound Orgasm 1999 ,Krisiun – Works Of Carnage (2003) ,Mortician – Zombie Apocalypse 1998
,Cadavrul – Forensic Nightmares (2006) ,I.N.R.I – Ultra Sonic Hatestorm 2007 ,Vomit Remnants
– In The Name Of Vomit – 1997 ,Regurgitate – Carnivorous Erection 2000 ,Spawn (Ger) –
Systems Full Of Victims 2001 ,Disgorge (Us) – Cranial Impalement 1999 ,Anata- Under A Stone
With No Inscription (2004) ,Exhumed (Us) – Anatomy Is Destiny 2003 ,Sereve Torture –
Feasting On Blood – 2004 ,Yattering – Genocide -[Poland 2003] ,Torn Apart – Craving Pale
Flesh 2007 ,The Amenta- Ocassus (2004) ,Anata- Infernal Depths Of Hatred (1998) ,Warface –
Insanity Of The Obsessed 2006 ,Torsofuck – Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy (2004) ,Vomitory-
Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize (2007) ,Vermis – Liturgy Of The Annihilated ,Vital Remains-
Dawn Of The Apocalypse (2000) ,Cadaver Incubador – Coleccion De Humanos 2007 ,Cryptopsy –
Ungentle Exhumation [Mcd Reissue] [200… ,Gorod- Leading Vision (2006) ,Devilish Distance-
Under The Shroud Of Lie (2007) ,Cadaver Mutilator – Carnasyum 2007 ,Viral Load – Hillbilly
Whore Hackin Revival 2007 E… ,Psycroptic- Discografia ,Cannibal Corpse – Vile (25th
Anniversary – Dvda Re… ,Cannibal Corpse – Eaten Back To Life (1990) ,Neglected Fields –
Splenetic 2006 ,Deranged– Plainfield Cemetery 2002 [Sweden] ,Murder Corporation & Grind
Buto – Santa Is Satan [… ,Murder Corporation – Blood Revolution 2050 [Ep] (1… ,Murder
Corporation – Kill! [Ep] (1997) [Sweden] ,Yattering – Human’S Pain 1998 ,Sickening Horror-
Promo 2003 ,Aeon- Discography ,Ab:Norm – Inside 1997 ,Caligvla – Bukkake Baptism (2006) ,
1917 -Genesis Y Horror (2002) ,Bdmc – Death_Metal_Compilation_Vol.1-2007 ,Agressor (Fra) –
Deathreat 2006 ,Depredator – Demo – 2007 ,Pessimist (Us) – Blood For The Gods 1999 ,Aeon-
Bleeding The False (2005) ,Fuck Shit Up – Generation Of Defecation 2003 ,Hell-Born –
Hellblast 2001 ,Behemoth (Pol) – The Apostasy 2007 320 Kbps ,Yattering – Live Extermination
2004 ,Hell-Born – Cursed Infernal Steel 2006 ,Disavowed- Stagnated Existence (2007) ,
Infliction (Us) – Trails Of Obliteration 2002 ,Mortem (Rus) – Death Is My Name 2002 ,Enmity
– Illuminations Of Vile Engorgment 2005 ,Castigate – Bring Me The Head Of Jesus Christ
(Ger… ,Bellum (Chl) – Voluntad De Poder ,Pandemia- Riven (2005) ,Prostitute Disfigurement-
Left In Grisly Fashion (… ,Virulence (Us) – Dormant Strains (2000) ,Bile (Hol) – The Shed
2000 Ep ,Virulence (Us) A Conflict Scenario (2001) ,Despised Icon- The Ills Of Modern Man
(2007) ,Trauma – Hamartia Ep 2006 320kbps Including Bonus … ,Suffocation-2006 ,Morsgatt –
Kick Ass Undress 2002 ,Malevolent Creation- In Cold Blood (1997) ,Malignancy (Us) –
Motivated By Hunger 2000 ,Baphomet (Us) – The Dead Shall Inherit (1992) ,Beneath The
Massacre- Discography ,Dementor – Enslave The Weak 2001 ( ,Tribute To Mortician – [2007] V.A
,Depraved (Fra) – Sexual Depravity… And Pleasure … ,Nunslaughter – Hell’S Unholy Fire
2000 ,Slaughterbox – The Ubiquity Of Subjugation [Demo] … ,Cliteater-Clit’ Em All 2002 ,
Nasum- Shift (2004) ,Dementor – God Defamer 2004 ,Warspite – Confrontation Course 2006 ,
Panzerchrist- Batallion Beast (2006) ,Yaterring- Murder’S Concept (2000) ,Deranged – High On
Blood 1998 ,Deranged (Sweden) – 2001 ,Suffocate – Lust For Heaven 2000 ,Kabbal –
Synthetically Revived 2002 ,Kronos- The Hellenic Terror (2007) ,Dim Mak- Knives Of Ice (2006)
,Killaman – Killaman 2003 320kbps ,Ancestral Malediction – Huge Blackness (Brazil 200… ,
Blastcorps – Glorified (Holland 2005) ,Despise – Confinement In Decrepitude Demo 2001 ,
Tehace – Zymatic Disease Of Human Believes 2001 ,Ulcerate- Of Frature And Failure (2007) ,
Disaster Kfw – Death Ritual 2004 ,Deception (Poland) – Nails Sticking Offensive 2007… ,
Anata- The Condutor’S Departure (2006) ,Aborted- Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage
Don… ,Crimson Massacre – The Luster Of Pandemonium (200… ,Defleshuary – Zombie Plague,
Rampant Horror 2007 ,Baalphegor- Post Earthquake Age (2006) ,Cenotaph (Tur)- Pseudo Verminal
Cadaverium (2004) ,Hate- Anaclasis: A Hauting Gospel Of Malice & Hatr… ,Imperial Sodomy-
Demolished (2004) ,Rotten Sound – Exit 2005 ,Dementor-“The Art Of Blasphemy” (1999) Reupload
,Putrid Pile – Collection Of Butchery 2003 320 ,Goryptic- From Blast To Collapse (2007) ,
Pandemia- Personal Demon (2003) ,Ebanath – That Now Is Necessary For You 2006 ,Sarcastic
(Bra) – Macabre Human Mutilation 2000 ,Braindrill- The Parasites (Ep) 2006 ,Vile-
Discography/Discografia ,Agiel- Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign (2002) ,Odious Mortem-
Cryptic Implosion (2007) ,The Faceless- Akeldama (2006) ,Skinless- Trample The Weak, Hurdle
The Dead (2006)… ,Element- Aeons Past (2007) ,Annihilation Text – Defamation Manifesto –
[2007] … ,Regicide – Extreme Intent Fatal Effect ,The Cauterized – Hung Be The Heavens
With Black 20… ,Clawn – Slavery Mental State Demo 2003 ,Nerlich – Defabricated Process
2007 ,Disloyal (Pol) – The Kingdom Of Plague 2004 ,Amok (Norway) – Necrospiritual Deathcore
2006 ,Execration (Nor) – Language Of The Dead 2007 Mcd ,Damnation (Pol) – Resist 2000 ,
Disaster Kfw – Collateral Damage 2006 ,Desensitised – Virus Of Violence – 2006 ,Skinless –
Foreshadowing Our Demise 2001 ,Obliteration – Perpetual Decay [2007] ,Dead (Ger) – V.I.P.
1998 ,Skinless – From Sacrifice To Survival – 2003 ,Martriden – Martriden Ep 2006 ,Goat
Semen – En Vivo En Lima Hell 2007 ,Jigsore Terror – World End Carnage 2004 ,Panzerchrist –
Room Service 2003 (Pedido) ,Devilyn – Artefact (Poland 2001) ,Devilyn – Anger (Poland 1996) ,
Queiron – Templars Beholding Failures (Brazil 2004… ,Suffocation- Live At Baltimore
Deathfest 2003 ,Inveracity – Circle Of Perversion – 2003 (Reupload… ,Infested Blood – The
Master Of Grotesque [2003] ,Inveracity – Extermination Of Millions [2007] ,Panzerchrist –
Soul Collector -2000 ,Evocation (Swe) – Tales From The Tomb 2007 ,Severed Savior – Brutality
Is Law [U.S.A. 2003] ,Abhorrence (Bra) – Evoking The Abomination (Resubi… ,Diabolic –
Possessed By Death [E.P] 2007 ,Defecation – Purity Dilution 1989 ,Cattle Decapitation -Karma
Bloody Karma – 2006 (Re… ,Arsebreed “Munching The Rotten” [Holland 2005] ,Defacing – The
Beginning Of Human Cruelty – Demo 2… ,Avulsed – Deformed Beyond Belief 1993 Demo ,Defeated
Sanity – Psalms Of The Moribund- 2007 ,Rompeprop – 4 Discos ,Dies Irae (Pol) – The Sin War
(Reuploaded) ,Cattle Decapitation – Humanure – 2004 ,Torture Killer – Swarm! – 2006
(Reuploaded) ,Cattle Decapitation -To Serve Man – 2002 ,Severe Torture – Blood Letting –
2005 ,Despondency (Germany) – Extinction [Mcd 2001] ,Dead For Days – Creating Murderous
Domain (U.S.A. … ,Insision – Revealed And Worshipped 2004 (Reuploade… ,Pungent Stench –
Ampeauty 2004 ,Disastrous Murmur – …And Hungry Are The Lost – 2… ,Cattle
Decapitation/Caninus Split 7 2005 Complete … ,In Torment – Diabolical Mutilation Of
Tormented S… ,Prostitute Disfigurement – Embalmed Madness (Holla… ,Vader – Impressions
In Blood (2006) ,Trauma (Pol) – Neurotic Mass 2007 ,Cattle Decapitation – Decapitacion! 2000
Ep ,Suffocation – The Close Of A Chapter – 2006 ,Suffocation – Breeding The Spawn 1993 ,
Necronomicon – The Sacred Medicines [Canada 2003] ,Cattle Decapitation – Homovore 2000 ,
Goregast – La Revancha – 2007 ,Deeds Of Flesh – Gradually Melted 1995 ,Cattle Decapitation –
Human Jerky 1999 ,Cattle Decapitation – Ten Torments Of The Damned- … ,Split Cd – Christ
Denied & Bastard Saints ,Dead – Les Stars Du Rock Porno 2004 (Request) ,Pyaemia-Cerebral
Cereal 2001 [Holland] ,Cerberus – Ebola (Chile) 2002 ,Goratory-Sexual Intercorpse 2001 ,
Goratory – Orgasm Induced Diarrhea – 2002 ,Deranged Iii (200) ,Inquisitor (Hol) –
Walpurgis-Sabbath Of Lust 1996 … ,Unholy Ghost – Torrential Reign 2004 ,Torture Killer –
For Maggots To Devour 2003 ,Deeds Of Flesh – Mark Of The Legion (2001) ,Council Of The
Fallen – Revealing Damnation 2002 ,Hate (Pol) – Anaclasis 2005 (Request) ,Sleep Terror –
Probing Tranquility 2006 ,Diabolic – Infinity Through Purification (2003) ,Vader – The
Darkest Age 1994 ,Vader – 2 Demos Necrolust 1989 / Morbid Reich 1990… ,Hate [Poland]-Lord
Is Avenger 1998 ,Angel Corpse – Iron, Blood & Blasphemy 2001 ,Angelcorpse – Death Dragons Of
The Apocalypse (200… ,Hate [Poland]-Awakening Of The Liar 2003 ,Severe Torture – Fall Of
The Despised [Holland 200… ,Goratory – Rise On Suede (U.S.A. 2004) ,Headhunter D.C. –
Punishment At Dawn [Brazil 1993]… ,Infestdead – Killing Christ [Mcd] 1996 ,Diabolic – City
Of The Dead [Mcd 1999] ,Sanctification – Misanthropic Salvation 2003 ,Phalogore – Child
Burner 2005 ,Nile-Annihilation Of The Wicked 2005 ,Disgorge [U.S.A.]-Parallels Of Infinite
Torture-20… ,Laethora – March Of The Parasite- 2007 ,Nile – In Their Darkened Shrines
(2002) ,Bloodsoaked (Us) – Brutally Butchered 2007 (Reque… ,Diabolic – Vengeance Ascending
2001 [U.S.A.] ,Hectic Patterns – The Grand Hare Order – 2005 ,Rebaelliun – Burn The Promised
Land 1999 ,Blastmasters – Twisted Metal (U.S.A.2005) ,Anata – Under A Stone With No
Inscription ,Malevolent Creation – Warkult -2004 ,Fleshripper, Garroter Y Mutilation – Split
2007 ,God Dethroned – The Grand Grimoire 1998 ,Centurian-Of Purest Fire (Mcd) [Holland 1998]
,Cacofonia (México) – Oh No, Please Not Again!! (20… ,Necrotic Flesh – Postmortem
Pleasures ,Infestdead-Jesusatan 1999 Sweden ,Infestedead-Hellfuck (1997) Sweden ,Origin –
Origin (2000) ,Avulsed – Reanimations 2006 ,Vital Remains-Icons Of Evil (2007) ,
Centurian-Choronzonic Chaos Gods [Holland 1999] ,Hate-Cain’S Way [Poland 2001] ,Diabolic –
Subterraneal Magnitude 2001 [U.S.A.] ,Throneaeon – Godhate 2003 Sweden ,Dominus Xul – The
Primigeni Xul – Chile ,Aborted – Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Over… ,Soulreaper –
Life Erazer – 2003 ,Devourment – Butcher The Weak 2005 ,Prostitute Disfigurement – Left In
Grisly Fashion … ,Centurian – Liber Zar Zax 2002 ,Condemned – Desecrate The Vile 2007 ,
Severe Torture – Misanthropic Carnage 2002 ,Soulburn – Feeding On Angels 1998 ,Necrophagist
– Demo ,Virgin Snatch – In The Name Of Blood ,Virgin Snatch – Art Of Lying ,Virgin Snatch –
S.U.C.K. ,God Among Insects – Zombienomicon 2006 ,Lost Soul – Ubermensch (Death Of God) [
Poland 200… ,Severe Torture – Feasting On Blood [Holland 2000] ,Aborted – The Necrotorous
Chronicles Demo 1998 ,Sintury – Disgorging The Dead ,Lost Soul-Scream Of The Mourning Star
2000 ,Angelcorpse-Exterminate 1998 ,Rebaelliun -Bringer Of War [2000] ,Diabolic – Supreme
Evil 1998 ,Throneaeon – With Sardonic Wrath [Mcd] 1999 ,Sheolgeenna – The Dark Chambers…2002
,Disgorge (Mex) – Necrholocaust ,Dying Fetus – War Of Attrition – 2007 ,Funeratus-Echoes In
Eternity 2004 ,Demiurg – Breath Of The Demiurg- 2007 ,Suffocation-Souls To Deny 2004 ,Vital
Remains – Excruciating Pain Demo 1990 ,Vital Remains – Forever Underground – 1997 ,
Sanatorium – Celebration Of Exhumation – 2004 (Re… ,Clawn – Deathless Beauty Of The
Silence – 2006 (Re… ,Blood Red Throne -Altered Genesis 2005 (Resubido) ,Abaddon Incarnate
– Nadir 2001 (Request) ,Scent Of Flesh – Roaring Depths Of Insanity 2003 ,Fleshgrind –
Murder Without End (2003) ,God Among Insects -World Wide Death -2004 ,Suffocation-
Recrimination Of Sorrow-Live 1992 ,Hate -Victims 1999 ,Scattered Remnants – Destined To Fail
,Decapitated – Polish Assault 2000 ,Decapitated Live In Nottingham 2005 Bootleg ,Lockup –
Play Fast Or Die – Live In Japan 2002 ,Anasarca – Dying (2004) ,Cephalic Carnage ,Devourment
– Molesting The Decapitated 1999 ,Shaarimoth – Current 11 -2005 (Pedido) ,Krisiun – Live
Armageddon -Audio Dvd ,Disastrous Murmur – Rhapsodies In Red -1992 (Pedid… ,Internal
Suffering – Awakening Of The Rebel -2006 ,Internal Suffering-Choronzonic Force Domination
2… ,Murder Squad – Unsane,Insane And Mentally Deranged… ,Mortem – De Natura Daemonum –
2004 ,Internal Bleeding – Voracious Contempt 1995 ,Beheaded- Recounts Of Disembodiment 2002 ,
Prostitute Disfigurement-Deeds Of Derangement 200… ,Impaled-Death After Life 2005 ,Deeds
Of Flesh-Trading Pieces 1996 ,The Ravenous – Assembled In Blasphemy 2000 ,Malevolent
Creation-Eternal ,Pig Destroyer – Terrifyer 2004 ,Decrepith Birth – And Time Begins – 2003 ,
Sanatorium – Goresoaked Reincarnation – 2003 ,Cephalotripsy – Uterovaginal Insertion Of
Extirpat… ,Ravager – Storm Of Sin 2002 ,Nox – Ixaxaar 2007 (Holland) ,Behemoth -Live In
Toulusse 2002 -Bootleg ,Behemoth -Live In Strassburg 1999-Bootleg ,Behemoth -Live In Paris
2002 -Bootleg ,Dripping -Disintegration Of Thought Patterns 2002 ,Deranged – Obscenities In
B Flat – 2006 ,Mutilated – Devirginated Genital Pulp – 2003 ,Death Reality – Bloodprints –
2004 ,Carve – Stillborn Revelations (2002) ,Psycroptic – Symbols Of Failure -2006 ,Carnage
[Sweden]-Dark Recollections 1990 ,Carpe Tenebrum-Dreaded Chaotic Reign-2002 ,Behemoth – The
Return Of The Northern Moon – Demo … ,Devilyn – Reborn In Pain ,Hybrid Viscery – Grindcore
Contaminations – 2005 ,Hate – Daemon Qui Fecit Terram ,Vakarm – World Chaos – 2006 ,
Hell-Born – Legacy Of The Nephilim – 2003 ,Monstrosity-Enslaving The Masses 2001 ,Gorgasm –
Bleeding Profusely – 2001 ,Criterion – The Dominant -2005 ,Throneaeon-Neither Of Gods [2001]
,Funeratus-Storm Of Vengeance 2002 (Brazilian Death… ,Origin – Informis Infinitas
Inhumanitas 2000 ,Hate Eternal – The Perilous Fight – Live 2006 ,Azarath /Stillborn- “Death
Monsters” Split 2004 ,Anal Stench – Red Revolution -2004 ,Damnation – Rebel Souls (Polish
Death Metal) ,Necrophagist – Epitaph ,Kronos-Colossal Titan Strife 2003 ,Azarath – Infernal
Blasting ,Dissenter – Furor Arma Ministrat (2005) ,Jared Anderson (Hate
Eternal/Internecine/Morbid An… ,Queiron – Impious Domination [2002] ,Undercroft – Bastard
Live Hamburg Death Metal C… ,Fleshcrawl – As Blood Rains From The Sky… We Wal… ,
Bloodbath – Breeding Death – 2001 Death Metal S… ,Devilyn – Xi – 2005 Death Metal Poland
1.The C… ,Vehemence – Helping The World To See – 2004 D… ,Hate – Holy Dead Trinity –
2001 1.Holy Dead… ,Kaamos – Lucifer Rising – 2005 Death Metal Swe… ,Suture – Carnivorous
Urge To Kill – 2002 Brut… ,Despondency – God On Acid – 2003 Brutal Death… ,Decapitated –
The Negation – 2004 Death Metal … ,Kronos – Titan’S Awakening – 2001 Brutal Death… ,Vile
-Depopulated 2002 Brutal Death Metal U.S… ,Massmurder – Slaughtered For Snuff- 2004 Brutal
… ,Jasad – Witness Of Perfect Torture 2001 Brut… ,Nasum – Helvete – 2003 Grindcore
Sweden Like A … ,Mincing Fury – Eye For Eye – Ep 2004 Brutal D… ,Antropofagus – Alive Is
Good….Dead Is Better – … ,Blood Red Throne- Monument Of Death – 2001 … ,Angelcorpse –
The Inexorable -1999 Death Metal… ,Cannibal Corpse – Live At Waldrock 2004 Downlo… ,
Deeds Of Flesh – Crown Of Souls – 2005 Brutal … ,Merlin – Brutal Constructor – 2004 Brutal
Deat… ,Skull Crusher- Hyper Apocalypse – 2004 Brutal… ,Parricide – Kingdom Of Downfall –
2003 Brutal… ,Origin – Echoes Of Decimation 2005 Genr… ,Mortician – House By The
Cemetery – 1995 1.Int… ,Unmerciful – Unmercifully Beaten 2006 Brutal Dea… ,Pyorrhoea –
Desire For Torment – 2004 Grind Pol… ,Regurgigate – Sickening Bliss – 2006 Grindco… ,
Deeds Of Flesh – Path Of The Weakening 2001 … ,Ribspreader – Congregating The Sick 2006
Death … ,Craniotomy – Its Not Cut Out -It Cant Be Eaten -20… ,Blood Red Throne
Affiliated With Suffering – 2003 … ,Vile – Stenched Of The Diceased – 1999 1. Abor… ,
Vile – The New Age Of Chaos – 2005 Death Metal … ,Benighted – Identisick – 2006 Brutal
Death Metal … ,Aborted – The Archaic Abbatoir – 1995 Brutal D… ,Emeth – Reticulated –
2006 01. Eleven 02. Falla… ,Last Days Of Humanity – Putrefaction In Progress -… ,Brutal
Truth – Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme R… ,Antropofagus No Waste Of Flesh – 1999
1.Welcome… ,Pyrexia- Cruelty Beyond Submission – 2004 Brutal… ,Pig Destroyer/Orchid
Split 1997 Grindcore U.S.A… ,Lock Up- Pleasures Pave Sewers – 2000 Some Thi… ,Azarath –
Diabolic Impious Evil – 2006 Brutal D… ,Craniotomy – Cut A Piece For Your Hunger – 2005
… ,Psycroptic -The Scepter Of The Ancients 2003- … ,Suture – Morbid Sculpture Demo(N)
Ology – 2004 Br… ,Parricide – Patogen – 2005 Brutal Death Metal Po… ,Haemorrhage –
Apology For Pathology 2006 Grind … ,Sanatorium – Arrival Of The Forgotten Ones Bruta… ,
Emeth – Insidious – 2004 Brutal Death Metal Bel… ,Ancient Necropsy Deformed King
Mummification – 2… ,Abuse – Like A Virgin – 2001 Genre(S) Bru… ,Nasum – Inhale-Exhale
1998 Recording Info: • Rec… ,Nasum – Human 2.0 – 2000 Tracklist: 1. Mass …

New Music Albums

junio 18, 2007

Descarga directa de Mase Presents Harlem World-The Movement-Retail-199 , Jedi Mind
Tricks-Violent By Design-Retail-2000- ,the howard stern show 06-11 to -6-14 ,
Fantastic Four Rise Of The Silver Surfer INTERNAL , VA-Dj Mino And DJ Elev-8-King
of Queens-(Bootleg)- , VA-Superstar Jay-Mixtape Legend (Dedicated To Stac , Gang
Starr-Full Clip A Decade Of Gang Starr-2CD-Re , Madu Messenger-Seeds Of Love
(IGROW004)-EP-2007- ,VA-Black A Black Riddim-VLS-2007- ,VA-Escape Entertainment And
DJ AC Present Hustle A ,Giraffe Nuts-Eat Them-2007 , Redman-Freestyle
Freestyle-(Promo VLS)-2007- ,Siraaj-Life Luxury And Loss-2007- , Eva Bessman-When I
Wake Up-2007 ,John Lennon-Lennon Legend-(Limited Edition)-2007 , Hurricane Chris-A
Bay Bay-XviD-2007- ,D-Ex-Good Mournin Amerikkka-2007 , Korn-Live At Pinkpop-Bootleg
DVD-2007- ,Diana Ross And The Supremes-Number 1s-2007- ,Little Texas-Missing
Years-(Proper)-2007- ,Little Texas-Missing Years-(Bonus CD) -2007- ,Kelly
Clarkson-My December-2007- , No Use For A Name-All The Best Songs-2007- ,Miles
Davis-Best Of-2007- , Guru-State Of Clarity-VLS-2007- , VA-The Transformers-The
Movie-(20th Anniversary Ed , Thelma Houston-20th Century Masters-The Best Of Th ,
Thelma Houston-Throw You Down-1990- ,VA-Eclipse Riddim (Raw)-Promo CD-2007- ,
Timbaland feat Tyssem-The Way I Are (Remix)-Promo , VA-Finland House
Presents-Revelation Bus Riddim-20 ,Da Fam-Dat Good-CDS-2007- , VA – MOS Club Files
Vol 1-2CD-2007 , VA-Lethal Weapon Mashups Blends Breaks and Loops V , VA-Xmix
Radioactive Urban Radio June-2007- , VA-Chalice Interactive Presents-Big
Ones-Bootleg-C , VA-Ellegal Riddim-Promo-CD-2007- , Rux-Flapjack Stackn Wit
Rubberbands And Syrup-2007 ,Crim-Sin-Crim Reeper-2007 , Arms Blackstar-Trials N
Tribulations Of A Hustler , Amy Winehouse Feat Jay-Z-Rehab-(Remix CDS)-2007- , The
Street Pharmacists-Urban Sanctuary Part One-20 , Synatra-American Made The
Definition Of White Tras , TLC-What About Your Friends-(CDS)-(Rerip)-1992- ,Ply And
Reaper-Bad Dreams-2003- , The Paper Cartel-Collection Time-1998- , Tiffany
Evans-Promise Ring Ft Ciara-Promo CDS-2007 , Chingo Bling-Werk That-Promo CDS-2007-
,Dlo-I Dare You To Love Me-Promo CDS-2007- , VA-Syks And Mero From Krazy Connected
Present-Gang , Purgatory-Pan And Ei8ht-(Bootleg)-2005 ,Most Hated-Smashin-2005- , V
I C -Ridin Batman Ft Hurricane Chris-Promo CDS-2 , Kickin-Yelawolf-Promo CDM-2007- ,
Huey-Notebook Paper-2007 , Paula Campbell-Aint Nobody Stupid-Promo CDS-2007- ,
C-Side-Boyfriend Girlfriend-Promo CDS-2007- , Crime Mob-Shine Cause I Grind Ft Mike
Jones-Promo , Ciara-Cant Leave Em Alone Ft 50 Cent-Promo CDS-200 , Buck P And DJ
Unk-Have You Seen That-Promo CDS-200 , Amerie-Gotta Work-Promo CDS-2007- ,Keith
Sweat-Sweat Hotel Live-2007- , Dominic Amato-Fresh From The Groove-2007- , Chris
Rob-The Official Bootleg Of Chris Rob Vol 1 , G-Eyez-Its Only The
Beginning-Bootleg-2007- ,Access Immortal-American Me-2007- , Chrisette Michele-I
Am-(Retail)-2007- ,VA-Phat Jamz Vol 400-(Bootleg)-2007- , Kochece And Lil
Wayne-Wheres My Crown At Pt 3-(Boo , The White Stripes-Icky Thump-(Retail)-2007 ,
Rasta Boi A K A The Godfather-M A D E -2006 , Lethal Bizzle-Bizzle Bizzle-Promo
CDM-2007 ,Wiley-My Mistakes-UKCDS-2007 , Ronique-Lets Loc-(EP)-2004 ,Egyptian
Lover-Bounce that Bootie-(Egyptian Empire , Tum Tum-Eat Or Get Ate-(Clean)-2007 ,
Akon – In My Ghetto-Bootleg-2007- , VA-Italian Hardstyle Vol 11 Mixed By
Technoboy-2CD , J-Love-In Memory Of Big Pun 2-(Bootleg)-2007- , The J Davis
Trio-These Things Happen-2007- ,Jane Monheit-Surrender-CD-2007- , April Sampe-The
Beginning-2007- ,VA-Hear My Cries Riddim-Advance CD-2007- , La Fa
Connected-Urban-2007- ,Midlake-Roscoe-(Remixes)-(CDM)-2007- , The Mojo Fins-Pinata
Face-(CDM)-2007- ,Garcia-Dejalo Bw Just Chill-Promo VLS-2007- , Fresh-The
Exclusive-2007 ,VA-Phuck You Pay Me Ent Presents-202 The Mixtape , VA-1 Life Ent
Presents-Nice And Slow Vol 5 (Mixed , Sonic Youth-Daydream Nation-(Deluxe Edition)
-2CD-2 , VA-Beltway 8 And DJ T I G-Down In Tha South Pt 2-( , Master Ace-Take A
Look Around-(Deluxe Reissue)-2CD , VA-Promo Only Rhythm Club May-2007 ,Camron-The
Purple Mixtape-(Bootleg)-2007- , Spyro Gyra-Good To Go Go-Retail-2007- ,
VA-Mistarello Com-Slow Motion 3-(Bootleg) -2007 ,VA-DJ Wrecka And Mike Moe-Live
From The Bedroom Vo , VA-DJ Barry Bee-Hood Legendz 11-(Bootleg)-2007- , VA-DJ Barry
Bee-Spring Fever 07-(Bootleg)-2007- ,Tony Touch-Reggaetony 2-SP-2007- , VA-Rock
Express 726R-2007- ,VA-1 Life Ent Presents-Nice And Slow Vol 1 (Mixed , Garvey-The
United States Of America Vs Garvey The , VA-Escape Entertainment And DJ Redd Dredd
Present- , Melonie Daniels-Live In Concert-2007- ,Tiny Vipers-Hands Across The
Void-(Advance) -2007- ,VA-J-Dub-No Emotions Pt 19-(Proper Bootleg)-2006- , Tupac
Shakur-Beginnings The Lost Tapes 1988-1991-2 , Camron-Respect Me Vol 1-(Bootleg)
-2007- ,Fahren-My Story-2007- , Smooth SP-The Answer-2007- ,VA-DJ Pollie Pop-Wet N
Da Mood 7-(Bootleg)-2007 , Mya-Ridin-(Promo CDS)-2007 ,Kelly Clarkson-Never Again
The Remixes-Promo CDM- , Mr Deyo-She Hot-(CDS)-2007 ,Saigon-Belly of The Beast (The
Scram Jones Files)- , Stanley James-Full Circle-2007- ,Hook Kings Featuring Bobby
Lee-Purpose-2007 , VA-Dreddy Kruger-The A And R Experience-Bootleg-20 , VA-Think
Differently Presents Wu-Tang Meets The In , VA-Radio Hits Volume 1-2CD-Bootleg-2007
, VA-Cali Connected Volume 8-2CD-Bootleg-2007 ,Dirty-The Art Of Story Telling-2007 ,
VA-Think Differently Presents Now Thats What I Cal , VA-Spa Moods Sound Of Nature
Vol 4-2007- ,VA-DJ Envy-Young Euro Vol 2-(Bootleg) -2007 ,Macnificent As Phil
Mackson-Playbook To The Game-P , Krock And Stix-Heaven And Hell Volume 1-Proper-Boo
, Yola Da Great-Gutta World-Advance-2007- , Spinners-The Definitive Soul
Collection-2CD-(Remas , Nina Sky-Get Your Clothes Off-(Promo CDS)-2007- ,
VA-Guardian Angel-Advent of the Ultimate One Drop , VA-Rap Masters Latin Style Pt
2-(Bootleg)-2007- ,VA-Sunday Soul-(SBPJ32) -Promo CD-2007- ,VA-Superstar Jay-Vs
Star Jay (Im My Own Competiti , Young Crunk-Love And Loyalty-2007 , J Moss Feat
Anthony Hamilton-Im Not Perfect-CDS-20 , Crunk-N-Buck-Undiscovered-2007 , VA-Madd
Idiot Mixx-Ghostride The Mixx Vol 3 Bay Fl , VA-DJ Barry Bee-Mixtape Serial Killa
Pt 10-(Bootle , Sandro Quiros-Self Titled-2007- , VA-Lil Skrilla Presents Stack
Bundles And Ransom-R , Marilyn Manson-Eat Me Drink Me-(Retail)-2007- ,Bozo-Free
Bozo-2007 , Bukue One and EMC-Escape Routes The Official Esote , Nadine
Sutherland-Call My Name-2007- ,Pharoahe Monche-Body Baby-(Promo CDS)-2007- , Skipp
Whitman-Free Agent-2007- ,Paramore-Riot-2007 , Ill Poetic-The World Is Ours-2007- ,
DJ Drez And Marty Williams-The Complete Moon Bay S , VA-Stone Love-Inna Jah Kingdom
Vol 2-Bootleg-CD-20 , VA-Champion Soundcrew-Buttas Volume 7-Bootleg-CD-2 ,
VA-Platinum Soca Volume 11-2006- ,Chopper a k a Young City-The Fast Life-(Advance)
– ,Social Distortion-Greatest Hits-(Advance)-2007- , Mike Jones Ft Bun B And Snoop
Dogg-My 64-(Full Pr , Garbage-Tell Me Where It Hurts-(Promo CDS)-2007- ,VA – Extrem
Bass Vol 3-2CD-2007 , VA-Alternative Times Vol 85-(Bootleg)-2007- ,VA-Shaolin
Temple Riddim-2007- , VA-DJ Barry Bee-All About Da Dirty 12-(Bootleg)-20 , Brick
And Lace-Love Is Wicked (Hosted By DJ Khaled , VA-Revelation Bus
Riddim-More-Promo-CD-2007- , VA-Wayne Wonder-Keep Them Coming BW Haters Anthem- ,
VA-Soca Gold 2007-Bonus-DVD-2007- ,VA-Riddim Driven Jam Down-Retail CD-2007- ,
VA-Riddim Driven-Tremor-Retail CD-2007- , Richie Spice And Gentleman-Lets
Go-Promo-CDS-2007- , Baby Cham-Ghetto Pledge-CDM-1999- ,Bounty
Killer-Look-CDM-1999- , Spragga Benz-Cant Get No Gal-CDM-1999- ,Ciara-Like A Boy
(Remixes)-(Promo CDS) -2007- ,Ugly Duckling-Left Behind Wichita Mix-PROPER-VLS-2 ,
Toca-Toca-2007 , Lord Finesse-Unreleased Instrumentals-Vinyl-2006- , VA-DJ Barry
Bee-Dirty Business Pt 6-(Bootleg)-2007 , VA-DJ Barry Bee-Dirty South Top
20-(Bootleg)-2007- , VA-DJ Barry Bee-Radio All Up On Me Vol 10-(Bootleg , VA-Dutty
Laundry-RnB Hood Classics 7 1-(Bootleg)-2 , VA-DJ Scream-Heavy In The Streets
10-(Bootleg)-200 , VA-DJ Envy And Tapemasters Inc -Purple Codeine 11- , VA-My Phat
Jamz Finest Vol 77-(Bootleg)-2007- ,The Nothing-Life In Decay-2007 , Parallel-Do
You Understand-2007- , Orko Eloheem-Post War Tech Instrumentals-Bootleg-2 ,The
Holloways-Generator-(CDM) -2007- ,The White Stripes-Icky Thump-(Retail CDS)-2007- ,
The Gossip-Listen Up-(Retail C ,DTox-Re-Hab-2007- , Maximo Park-Books From
Boxes-(CDM)-2007- , VA-90s RNB Vol 1 (Selected By Skandal and Fifty)-( ,
VA-Interscope Geffen-White Label-(Promo)-2007- ,The Bees-Listening Man-(Promo CDM)
-2007- ,VA-Vin Roc-Reggae Roots-Bootleg-2007- , C-Rock-Tha Wait is
Over-Advance-2007- ,VA-Natty Dread 43-(Mag)-2007- , Nelly Furtado-Best Of The
Remixes (Inc New Single) , Charlie Mingus-Tijuana Moods-Remastered-2007- , Dolla
Feat Akon And T-Pain-Who The Fuck Is That-( , Enrique Iglesias-Do You Know-(Retail
CDS)-2007- , Rick Ross Introduces Triple Cs-The Black Flag Preq , Julio G And
Dro-The Malbum-Bootleg-2007- ,Seven-Limited Edition-Promo-2007- , Guerilla
Black-Real Niggaz Say Real Shit Volume 1- , VA-DJ Khaled DJ Absolut And DJ
Drama-Together We M ,Karl Seglem-REIK-2005- , VA-DJ Jabril-Lets Fight (Hosted By
Skarr Abar)-(Bo , Cyssero-Finer Things (Feat Kanye West and Neyo)-CD , Pitbull Ft
Jim Jones-Sticky Icky-VLS-2007- , Rich Boy-Good Things BW And I Love You BW Lets
Get , Tilah Ft Aziatic-Summerparty-CDM-2006- ,Scrooge-Ride Wit Me-Bootleg-2007- ,
Boyz N Da Hood-Everybody Know Me BW Bite Down-(Pro , Certified Gz-Goin Hard
(Preview Edition)-Bootleg-2 , C-Notes-Crown Me Next EP-2007- ,Max Minelli-50 Shots
(Collectors Edition) -(Bootleg ,VA-DJ Poison Ivy-Hater Walk (Hosted By Ground Up)- ,
VA-B G And DJ Hektik-Built To Last (Hosted By Wil , Christilli-Play Da Game-2006- ,
VA-DJ Manyall And Mike C-Dippin In My Slab (The Mi , The Movement Presents
Ghetto-Ghetto Gospel-(Bootle , E S G -Family Business 2-(Bootleg)-2007- , VA-KBIS
Presents XS Soundz-Starlite-Bootleg-2007- , Bobby Valentino-Special Occasion (Japan
Bonus Trac , Michael Gordon-Untitled-PROMO CD-2007- ,Promoe-Standard Bearer-Bonus
CD-2007- , Nstinct-Unreleased 2nd Edition-Bootleg-2007 , J J Johnson-Standards
(Live At The Village Vangua ,VA-Street June 07-2CD-2007- , Thelostart and
Elokwent-Soul On Display-2007- ,Tashan-Love Is Forever-CDM-1993 , Triggs Vega-The
Quarter Biography Vol 2 (Hosted By , Young Serch-Racing Against Time-(Bootleg)
-2006- , VA-The Hyphy Movement (Compiled By DJ Shadow)-2007 , Hypnotize Minds
Presents Crunchy Black-From Me To , DJ Khaled-We The Best (Bonus Tracks)-2007- ,
Bouncer Crew-Xtasy For Ladies-2007- , RJD2-The Third Hand Instrumentals-2007- ,
Rihanna-Good Girl Gone Bad-(Bonus CD)-2007 ,Mega Red-The Mega Structure (Hosted By
DJ Limeligh , Racabessa-Imposter-VLS-199X- ,VA-DJ Chuck T-Sexxxplicit Rnb Vol 29
(Hosted By S ,VA-DJ Chuck T-Down South Slangin 39 (Hosted By Tra , L O C-On
Fire-PROMO CD-2007- ,Ex-Girlfriend-You (Youre The One For Me)-CDM-1991- ,VA-DJ
Smallz-Smokin RnB Vol 3-(Bootleg)-2007- , 2pac-Makaveli The Don – The Way He Wanted
Vol 3-B , VA-DJ Cristyle-Southern Streetz 11-(Bootleg)-2007- , DMX-The Definition
Of X-Pick Of The Litter-2007- , AP9 And Husalah-Without My 5-2007- ,Guy-Lets
Chill-JP CDM-1991 , Ron G -Cruise Control-2007 ,Donnie-The Daily News-2007 ,
Slicc-City Sliccer-(Bootleg) -2007- ,Eddie Levert Sr And Gerald Levert-Something To
Ta , Brad Strut-Legend Official-2007- ,VA-Ragga 86-(Mag)-2007- , AC-This Is AC Pt 2
(Staten Lives)-(Bootleg)-2007- , Styler-Stylers Got Style-(Bootleg)-2007 ,
VA-Vikings Production Presents Rasta Legacy Vol 1 , VA-100 Percent Ragga Dancehall
(Mixed By Demolisha ,VA-Vanguard 07-23-(Promo CD) -2007- ,The Empire And Lil
Wayne-Tha Carter 3 Sessions-(Bo , Cubo-Cut The Check Vol 2 (Mixed By DJ Obscene)
-(Bo , Straylight Run-Needles The Space-(Sampler)-2007- , Henry Bowers-Rappin For
Food-EP-2007 , Gang Nairobi Feat Saul Williams-Murderer Style-(WA , Keyshia
Cole-Let It Go-(Promo CDS)-2007- ,Kenika-The Diary Of A Hood Chick-(Bootleg) -2007-
,Tinsley Ellis-Moment Of Truth-2007- ,James Brown-Jazz-2007 , DJ Khaled-We The
Best-(Retail)-2007- ,Kia Shine-Due Season-2007- , Pitbull-Chapter 1 (Mixed By DJ
Ideal)-(Bootleg)-20 , VA-Turntable Anihilists Present Underworld (Mixed , Look
Daggers (2mex and Ikey Owens)-The Patience-EP , Adina Howard-Private Show-2007- ,
VA-Select Mix Old School Essentials Vol 6-2007- , VA-DJ Lust-Lock in Vol 3-(Bootleg)
-2007- , Kat DeLuna Ft Elephant Man-Whine Up-Promo CDS-2007 , Mike Jones Ft Snoop
Dogg–My 64-Promo-VLS-2007- , VA-Promo Only Rhythm Radio July-2007- ,VA-DJ
Frogie-Who Run It 8-(Bootleg)-2007- , Belly-The Revolution-2CD-2007- , Diego
Trinidad-Living Like There Is No Tomorrow-Bo , VA-DJ Teknikz And The Empire-Year Of
The Hustlers- , VA-Pow Pow Productions Presents Overstand-Retail C , Deborah
Cox-Destination Moon-(Retail)-2007- , VA-DJ Mike One – King of the
Dancefloor-Bootleg CD ,Rene and Angela-Rise-1983 , Jef Neve-Nobody Is
Illegal-CD-2006- ,DJ Shadow-Bay Area EP-2007- , VA-X-Mix Urban Series Issue
103-2007- ,VA-90 Percent Riddim-Promo CD-2007- , Augustus Pablo-The
Essential-(METROCD603)-Retail 2 , VA-New Jack Swing 1 (Mixed by DJ Anonymous)
-Bootle , VA-Platinum Stacks-(Presented By Antonio LA Reid)- ,Joshuas
Whisper-Drunk-2006- , Collie Buddz-420 Mixtape-(Bootleg)-2007- , 53rd Platoon-Home
Of 53rd Platoon (Hosted By Blak , First Degree The D E -Blackulem The Dark Demented
, Cassidy-The Hustlers Home (Hosted By Big Mike And , Bobby Ft
Timbaland-Anonymous-Promo CDM-2007 , P D C-Dirty Dirty South West 9 (Hosted By
Mykal Mi , Gz Up Entertainment Presents Pro V-Go Hard Or Go , VA-J Smiles Presents
LXG (The League Of Extraordin , Enrique Iglesias-Insomniac-2007- ,Shop
Boyz-Rockstar Mentality-2007- , Shak And Gigs-The Hardest (Hosted By Mykal Million ,
VA-J Smiles Presents Gangstaz Against Snitchez (Lo , VA-J Smiles Presents Overseas
For A Min-(Bootleg)- , VA-DJ White Owl Not Your Average DJ Part Seven-(Bo , Queens
of the Stone Age-Era Vulgaris-2007- ,Bon Jovi-Lost Highway-(Retail)-2007- , Lil D V
S -Unda Pressure-2004 ,VA-DJ White Owl Not Your Average Part 5-(Bootleg) – ,VA-M16
Riddim-Vinyl-2007- ,VA-Street Tracks 84-2007- , VA-DJ Rah2k-Rnb Heat Vol 9-(Bootleg)
-2007- ,Gabor Szabo – Dreams , VA-Lovers Gold-CD-2007- ,JBL-Alien Warfare Vol 1
(Hosted By Vinnie Paz)-(Bo , Air Traffic-Fractured Life-ADVANCE CD-2007- ,
VA-Famous-The Undisputed-(Bootleg) -2007- ,Carlton Patterson-On Your Bending
Knee-VLS-197X- , VA-Neighborhood Vida Part 2-2007- , VA-DJ Neil Armstrong
Presents-Return To D-Day-Boot , Super Mal-Bigger than Big-Promo-CDM-2007- , VA-Mick
Boogie Presents Marco Polo-Newport Authori , Madlib-Take it Back-Promo CDS-2007- ,
VA-Promo Only Urban Radio July-2007- , VA-Friends for Life-CD-2007- ,Augustus Pablo
And Joe White-Edi Amin-VLS-1976- , Culver City Dub Collective-Dos-Promo CD-2007- ,J
Holiday-Bed-(Promo CDM)-2007- , Canibus-For Whom The Beat Tolls-2007- ,VA-Vanguard
07-17-(Promo CD)-2007- , Gabor Szabo-Bacchanal-(Deluxe Edition)-2007- ,Toufic
Farroukh-Tootya-2007- , VA-Real Records-Damn I Look Good BW Bread Got Bigg ,
VA-Love Dinero-Radio Ready Volume 22-(Bootleg)-200 , Coldplay-The
Remixes-CPLAYLP01-2X12 VINYL-2007- , DJ Semi and Young Buck-Get Buck (the Official
Mixt , VA-DJ G Spot-Midwest Invasion 5-(Bootleg)-2007- , VA-DJ Kochece-Be
Instrumental 4 (Dipset Edition)-( , VA-Mike Marvel-Good Times-Bootleg-2007- ,
Princess Melody-Why Did You Do this to Me-Promo CD ,Francois-The Demo-2007 ,
Plies-Shawty BW Bid Long-(Promo CDS)-2007- , DJ White Owl And 50 Cent-Fully
Loaded-(Bootleg)-20 , VA-Wil Stylion Ent-Bring That Beat Back Instrument , VA-Wil
Stylion Ent-Bring That Beat Back Instrument , VA-The Best Of Sean Price Mixed By DJ
Food Stamp-B , DJ Scream-The T I P Collective (A Tribute To The , Tech N9ne
Presents-Misery Loves Kompany-(Album Sam , VA-Livity Riddim-Promo-CD-2007- ,
Spoonface-Too Fast-PROMO CDM-2007- , Mr Knightowl-No Regrets-2007- ,Dan Johns-In
The Face of Danger-2007- , Common-Break Reform Remixes-Rerip VLS-2007- , Iggy Pop
And The Stooges-Original Punks-2CD-2006- , Yesterdays New Quintet-Yesterdays
Universe-Advance ,VA-Vanguard 07 21-(Promo CD) -2007- ,Swizz Beatz-Money In The
Bank-(CDS)-2007- , Chamillionaire-Turn it Up-CDS-2007- , VA-Tystick and DJ Lex-The
Situation Mixtape-Bootle , VA-Promo Only Canada Mainstream Radio June-2007- ,
VA-Clinton Sparks-Smashtime Radio Vol 5-(Bootleg) , U S D A -Corporate
Thuggin-(Promo CDS)-2007- ,Moo-Apples and Pears-Rerip VLS-2007- , El Da
Sensei-Unheard Of-Bootleg-2007- ,Nabo Rawk (Porn Theatre Ushers) -Mount Olympus
Stee ,VA-Dutty Laundry-The Inside Man (Reloaded)-(Bootle , VA-U S C-Sol Of The
South Mixtape Vol 2-(Bootleg)- , VA-Dirty Harry Presents-Warlordz-(Bootleg)-2007- ,
VA-Promo Only Canada Modern Rock June-2007- ,Plies Ft T-Pain-Shawty-(Promo VLS)
-2007- ,Betty Davis-They Say Im Different-Remastered-2007- , VA-DJ Whoo Kid and
Mazaradi-Fresh Out Da Body Shop , Toki Wright-Low Budget High Quality 3 0 Meal
Plan- , Betty Davis-Betty Davis-Remastered-2007- , VA-DJ Hitz-Heavyweight Division
Vol 3-(Bootleg)-2 , The Lone Ranger-Hi Yo Silver Away-Retail CD-2007- , Luni
Coleone And Cool Nutz-Every Single Day-2007- , Ohio Players-Pain-Remastered-2006- ,
The Beatnuts-Stone Crazy-Retail-1997- , DJ Rampage And Guerilla Black-The Hood
Affiliated , VA-Big Mike And Digital Product-Big Boy Beats Pt ,K-L-Diary Of A
Hustler-2007- ,Cake-B-Sides and Rarities-2007- ,Lil Wyte-The One And Only-2007- ,
VA-Promo Only Urban Club July-2CD-2007- , Avishai Cohen-As Is Live At The Blue
Note-2007- , Bloc Party-I Still Remember-(Promo CDM)-2007 , Tank-Sex Love And Pain
(Best Buy Bonus Tracks)-200 , Mario-How Do I Breathe-Vinyl-2007- ,Rihanna –
Umbrella (Steve Angello Remix) -(UMBRELLA ,VA-Tre Unda Audio Cocaine Crack Viles
Part 4-(Boot , VA-Team Invasion-Hood Rules Apply 7-(Bootleg)-2007 , VA-Big
Mike-Addicted To The Game 3-(Bootleg)-2007- , Beastie Boys-The Mix Up-Advance-2007-
, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony-Lil Love Bw Candy Paint-(Prom , Fabolous-From Nothin To
Somethin-2007- ,Calibar-Their Not In My Calibar-(Bootleg) -2007- ,VA-Classic One
Love-CD-2007- ,David Kirton-Time to Change-CD-2007- , Cicada-The Things You Say (Mr
Miyagi Remix)-Promo , VA-Conquer Riddim-Retail CD-2006- ,Snoop Dogg-Anthology
1993-2007-DVD-2007- , VA-Mighty Right Riddim-Promo CD-2007- ,Future-The Darker Side
Of Black-2007- , Salim-Hip Hop Revisited-2007- , VA-DJ Diggz And DJ Rated R-East
Coast Revival-(Boo , VA-Superstar Jay I Got NY On My Back (If I Dont Pr , VA-DJ
Chong Wizard-Time Will-Bootleg-2007- , VA-DJ Diggz-Diggztrumentals Vol 1-(Bootleg)
-2007- , VA-Dr Dre-Legend Of Hip Hop-2007- ,D-Block-Street Muzik-2007 , VA-DJ
Eleven-Gangsta Shit-Bootleg-2006- , Matty Fresh And Wisdom Tooth-A Breath Of Fresh
Air , Micranots-The Final Blend Tape Mixed By DJ Kool Ak , Wiley-Playtime Is
Over-(Retail)-2007- , DJ MK Presents Ric Branson-No Pressure (The Final , Twista
Feat Pharrell Williams-Give it Up-CDS-2007- , VA-Hot 97 Blazin Hip Hop And Rnb Vol
62-(Bootleg) , Dizzee Rascal-Maths And English-2007 , VA-DJ Hitz-Heavyweight
Division Vol 3-(Bootleg)-2 , Scarecrow-Snakes And Ladders Bw Necessary Evil-DST ,
VA-Three Kingz Kingz Radio Volume 4-(Bootleg)-2007 , VA-Beltway 8-Screwed And
Chopped For Dummiez-(Boot , Mz Bratt-Give It 2 Em Vol 1 (Mixed By DJ Spyro)-(B ,
Blue Scholars-Bayani-2007- , VA-J Armz-How To Be An MC RnB Edition Vol 2-(Boo ,
Zion-The Way She Moves BW Zun Da Da-(Promo CDS)-20 , R Kelly and Public
Announcement-Born into the 90s , VA-DJ Mello Return OF The Bad Guy Vol 5 (Hosted B ,
VA-Cutmaster C The Hood News (Dear Summer Memorial , Paul Oakenfold – Perfecto on
Tour – Chicago IL-SAT ,Mutya Buena-Real Girl-(CDS) -2007- ,Guru-Jazzmatazz Vol 4
The Hip Hop Jazz Messenger , VA-DJ Bobby Black-Down And Dirty 25 (Hosted By Swi ,
Lawless-Self Titled-2007 , Poison-Poisond-2007 ,Bianca-Bianca-(Promo EP)-2006 ,
I-Roy-Gussie Presenting I-Roy-Retail CD-2007- ,Donell Jones-My Heart-Retail-1996 ,
VA-J Dilla-Beats Rhymes And Life (Mixed By DJ Skee , Gwen Stefani-Now That You Got
It-(Remix CDS)-2007- , Cultural Roots-Hell A Pop-(12 Inch Reissue 197X-VJ , Kelly
Clarkson-Never Again (AU CDS)-2007- ,VA-DJ Monster (Fatbeats Radio) -Planet
Monster-Boot ,VA-Friendly Fire 2-Mortal Kombat Running the Dance , Turf Talk-West
Coast Vaccine (The Cure)-2007 ,Soccorro-Loves Experience-2007- , Chris Brown-Wall
To Wall-(Promo CDS)-2007- ,Lumidee Feat Pitbull-Crazy-(Promo VLS) -2007 ,VA-Bad Boy
Crew-Best of Unreleased Remixes Vol 1-V , VA-Rock Express 724R-2007- ,Swizz
Beatz-Money in the Bank-(Promo VLS)-2007 , VA-Grindin Vol 1 (Mixed By Mr Thing)
-2007- ,Evidence-Red Tape Instrumentals-2007- , Bambu-I Scream Bars For The
Children-2007- , VA-The Block Report The Soundtrack-2007- ,T-Pain-Epiphany-(Proper)
-2007- , VA-D-Life Presents-Extreme Soca Volume One-Retail , VA-X-Mix Urban Series
Issue 101-2007- ,VA-Promo Only Underground Club July-2007 , VA-Bass Odyssey-Big
Time Round Robin 2K7-Bootleg-2 , VA-Salty Block Entertainment Presents The Chubalat
, VA-Promo Only Contemporary Christian July-2007 ,VA-Big Up Riddim-Retail CD-2007- ,
VA-Big Thangz Entertainment Presents Sharktank Com ,Ciara-Get Up-(Promo CDM)
-2007- ,VA-DJ Kay Slay-Straight Stuntin Magazine-(Bootleg) , Safronya-Sitting At My
Window-(Promo CDS)-2007- ,Hoodman-Jermaine-(Promo CDS)-2007- ,Baby J Feat Big P And
Skeme-You-(Promo CDS)-2007- ,Ne-Yo-Do You-(Promo CDS)-2007 , Pharoahe Monch-Body
Baby (the Remixes)-Promo CDM-2 , Linkin Park-Minutes To Midnight-(Bonus CD)-2007- ,
VA-Jihad Riddim-(Promo CD)-2007- , J Dilla-Jay Loves Japan-(Repack)-2007- ,
VA-Southern Style Djs-Nuttin But Hitz-(Bootleg)-20 , VA-MedallionStar Ent -Cool
Mellow Irie Vol 17-Boot , Gregory Isaacs-Hold Tight-Retail CD-2007- ,Pharoahe
Monch-Desire-(Album Sampler) -2007- ,VA-Evil Empire-Be South 17 (Hosted By Lil
Wayne)-( , Lil Wayne-None Higher (We Got The Remix) (Hosted B , Tony Bailey-Unheard
Message-CD-2007 ,Present Tense-Smooth Talkin-Retail-2007- , Public
Enemy–Revolverlution Tour 2003 (Manchester , VA-Poppa Stopa Riddim-Promo CD-2007- ,
VA-Swishahouse-Let Ya Nutz Hang 2k7 And Straight T , VA-The Motown
Acappellas-(BAC-7522)-Bootleg Vinyl- , VA-The Motown Acappellas-(BAC-7519)-Bootleg
Vinyl- , VA-Southern Style Djs-Hey Love Part 5-(Bootleg)-20 , VA-DJ Bull And Chalie
Boy-Versatyle Mixtape Vol 7- , Century-Cen City-The Mixtape Vol 1-(Bootleg)-2007- ,
VA-Newtown Entertainment Presents Don P and Client , VA-Gangsta Prayer Riddim-(More)
-Promo CD-2007- , Velvet Trench Vibes-Opium Lounge-2006- , VA-Jay B Radio Volume
Four (Special Guest Paul Wal , The Sound Stylistics-Play Deep Funk-(Promo)-2007- ,
VA-Lil Man Ent Presents-Years Later-2006 ,Pak-Man-Straight Drop-2007- , VA-Soca
Gold 2007-Retail CD-2007- ,VA-Funeral For A Friend-Back To The Bus-(Advance) – ,
VA-Family Riddim-Promo CD-2007- , VA-Bassix Riddim Cooperation-Defender II-CD-2007-
, Ebony Alleyne-Never Look Back-2007- , VA-Sir Coop-Recognize Avoid The Fake
(Hosted By Ma , VA-Lost Soundz Crew-Presents Mixtape Marauders-(Bo , Mag T-Touch A
Button-(Promo CDS)-2007- ,Lyfe Cykle-The Rough Dratf-EP-2007 , Air Traffic-Shooting
Star-(Promo CDM)-2007- ,Jake Lefco-And You Are-2006- , VA-Dirty Dozen Riddim-Promo
CD-2007- ,U S D A -Corporate Thuggin Bw Go Getta (Remix) -Pro ,VA-Texas Untouchable
DJs-Platinum Plus 9-(Bootleg) , VA-DJ Culture-Block Movement Vol 10 (Foreign Mind) ,
VA-Roots Man Dub-Retail 2CD-2007- ,VA-Reggae Gold 2007-Retail CD-2007- ,
Omarion-Entourage-(UK CDM)-2007 ,Trumac-Presents Lights Out Mixtape Vol 1-(Bootleg)
,Shaggy-Church Heathen-(Promo CDS)-2007- , VA-DJ Culture-Block Movement Vol 11
(Welcome To Da , DJ Smallz And Tum Tum-Can I Live-(Bootleg)-2007- , The Yay
Boyz-Nosebleed Muzik-2007- ,VA-MOS-Maximum Bass 2007-2CD-2007 , Immortal
Technique-Revolutionary Vol 2-Retail-200 , Immortal Technique-Revolutionary Vol
1-Retail-200 , Country Mover-Crossing The County Line-Bootleg-200 , Grit Boys Ft
Trae And Tum Tum-Fresh-(Promo CDS)-2 ,Mac And A K -Legendary-2007 , VA-DJ Chuck
T-The New South Rides With Me 4-Bootle , DJ Shadow-This Time (Im Gonna Try it My
Way)-UK CD , Strung Out-Blackhawks Over Los Angeles-2007 , DJ Chuck T And Blood
Raw-Triple Beam Dreams-Bootle ,VA-Jazz Giants-5CD-2006 , VA-90s Anthems-2CD-2007 ,
VA-DJ Premier-Rare And Unreleased Joints Vol 1-(Vi , T I P -Big Things Poppin (Do
It)-Promo VLS-2007- , VA-Best Of Dilated Peoples (Mixed By DJ Food Stamp , LV And
Rob-No Loverboys-2007- , VA-DJ Chuck T-Down South Slangin Instrumentals Vol ,
T-Rock-Da Kush-2007 , Brotha Lynch Hung-The Ripgut Collection-2007- , Double O
Ryderz-Last Of A Dying Breed-2007- , Toki Wright-Low Budget High Quality 2
0-CDR-2007- , Maurette Brown Clark-The Dream-2007- , Kanye West-Cant Tell Me
Nothing (The Official Mixt , DJ Kay Slay And DJ Skee Presents Topic-The Coast G ,
VA-Jazz Number 1s-2007- , Martin Fontaine-Sunny-2007- ,The Notorious B I G
-Greatest Hits-(Proper)-2007- , VA-Reggae Mix 5-2007- ,VA-Garden
Entertainment-Healthy Portions-2007 , VA-DJ Lust-Lock In Pt 2-(Bootleg)- , VA-X-Mix
Radioactive Rhythm Crossover July-1999- , VA-X-Mix Street Hitz Vol 19 and 20-Promo
CD-2005- , VA-X-Mix Street Hitz Vol 17 and 18-Promo CD-2005- , P E S O -Stacks On
Deck-(Promo CDS)-2007- , New York City Band With Luther Vandross-New York C ,
Foxx-Get With It Or Get Lost (The Mixtape)-(Bootle , L D And Ant Bankz-On A
Mission-2007 , Marques Houston Feat Juelz Santana-Wonderful-(CDS) , Rapid Ric-Texas
Money Boyz (Slowed And Texas Chopp , Bruce Hathcock-You Brighten Up My Day BW
Everlasti , Justin Timberlake-Lovestoned-Promo-CDM-2007 ,Kool
Keith-Ultra-Octa-Doom-2007- , VA-Southern Style DJs-Thug Love 4-(Bootleg)-2007- ,
VA-Gully Creature Riddim-Promo CD-2007- , VA-DJ Dollar Bill-Dat Hot Shit 2 (Hosted
By UNK)-( , DJ Vlad The Butcher Presents U G K -Pocket Full Of , VA-Superstar
Jay-RB Confessions Pt 2-(Bootleg)-20 , VA-Superstar Jay and Big T-The Second
Coming-(Boot , VA-Power 105 1-RnB Edition Volume 8 5-(Bootleg)-20 , VA-Power 105
1-Hip Hop Edition Volume 8-(Bootleg)- , VA-Rob N Hood Records-4 Corner Gangstars
Part 2-Bo , VA-DJ Suss One and DJ L-We Takin Over Pt 4-(Bootl , DJ 31 Degreez And
Jeezy-The Ice Cream Man-(Bootleg , VA-DJ Since And DJ Grip-Down In Texas 5 (Hosted
By ,Sizzla-Reggae Salute (Boxset) -Retail 4CD-2007 ,VA-Tapemasters Inc Presents U S
D A -Corporate Ou , Young Cash-Freeze-(Promo CDS)-2007- , Marilyn Manson-Heart
Shaped Glasses (When The Hear , VA-DJ Lil Raskal-Raskal Radio 1 0-Bootleg-2007 ,Lil
D-The East Side Don-(Bootleg) -2005- ,Stretch Em Squad-All Our Artists Hot (Da
Mixtape)- , VA-DJ Haze-New Blood Series Pt 8-(Bootleg)-2007 ,Raheem Jamal (Project
Move) -Not The One-VLS-2007- ,Emperess K-Jah We Trust-Promo CDS-2007- ,
Soopafly-Bangin West Coast-Retail-2007 ,Rihanna Feat Jay-Z-Umbrella-Retail-CDM-2007
,Evanescence-Sweet Sacrifice-CDM-2007 ,Chrisette Michelle-I Am-(Advance)-2007- ,
Diamonique-The Takeover Coup D Etat Mixtape-Bootle , Amerie-Because I Love It-(KR
Bonus Track)-2007- ,Nemisis-Grey City-(Bootleg)-2006- , Kenteon-The Review-(EP)
-2007- ,VA-Outta Road Riddim-Promo CD-2007- , Royce Da 59-Hit Em Bw
Ding-RERIP-Vinyl-2007 ,Rotating Leslie-Radio-Promo CDS-2007- , VA-D Aka Bootz and
DJ Muh Fiya – The Bash Vol 3-( , Samsa-To Conquer-Promo CDS-2007- ,VA-Club Crushers
Hosted By Fatman Scoop-2CD-2007- ,Mr Fonebone-Hit And Run-2007- ,5 Deuce-Suga
Daddy-(Bootleg)-2007- , Mother Vulpine-Keep Your Wits Sharp (Her Words Are ,
Jyrojets-Favourite Thing About Jane-Promo CDM-2007 ,Deltron-3030-Retail-2000- ,
Honey-Catch the Moon-Promo CDR-2007- ,Krypto-Trunk Food-Promo-2007- , J Dilla-Best
of Vol 2 (Mixed by the Smells)-Bootl , Circa Survive-On Letting Go-2007- , The
Chemical Brothers – We Are the Night (XDUSTCD8 , Tee-Loke Da Psycho-Heat Mode-2007 ,
Bon Jovi – (You Want to) Make A Memory-CDM-2007- ,Capleton-Rise Them Up-Retail
CD-2007- ,Enrique Iglesias-Do You Know-CDM-2007- , Prince Jammy-Destroys The Space
Invaders (Re-Issue ,VA-Thizz Or Die Vol 1-2007- , Thadius-Never Say Never-2007- ,
VA-DJ Denox-We Break The Hits Volume 1-Bootleg-200 , C-Loc-Under That Old Law-(Read
NFO)-2007- , Daddy Yankee-El Cartel The Big Boss-SP-2007- ,Young Dre-D-The
Unexpected-2007- , Rydah J Klyde And Fed-X-Money Over Bitches-2007 , Aim Feat
AG-True to Hip Hop-VLS-1999- ,Max Minelli-On The Cut-(Bootleg)-2007- , VA-DJ Whut
It Dew-Uncle Face Sent Me (Hosted By Sp , Peoples-Mission City
Confidential-Bootleg-2006 , Ralph Carter-When Youre Young And In Love (Origina ,
Lunaman-Blood Sacrafice-(Bootleg)-2005- , J Paul Jr And The Zydeco
Nubreedz-Scorpio-2006 , VA-UK Cup Clash 2007-4CD-Bootleg-2007 ,Tyrese-Come Back To
Me Shawty-(Promo CDS) -2007- ,Skrein Ft DJ IQ and Graziella-The Weary Traveller ,
Massimo A K A Mr Ropa-The West Coast Rep-2006- ,VA-Urban Club Cutz 10-(Bootleg)
-Vinyl-2007- ,GT-Shine On Um BW F U Y A-(Promo CDM)-2006- , VA-Lethal Weapon Vol
100-Bootleg Vinyl-2007- , VA-Top Secret Vol 90-Bootleg Vinyl-2007- , The Pigeon
Detectives-Wait For Me-(Retail Repack)- , Lady Sovereign-Those Were the Days
Remixes-Promo C ,5 Deuce-Heat-(Bootleg)-2006 , Joss Stone-Live (iTunes Exclusive)
EP-Web-2007 ,Sean Kingston-Beautiful Girls-(CDS) -(Read NFO)-200 ,VA-Funkymix
107-2007 , VA-Street Muzik (Hosted By Mykal Million And Rampa , VA-DJ
Teknikz-Georgia Power 4 (The Grand Hustle St , Vigar And Diddy-The Dynamic Duo Mix
CD-(Bootleg)-2 , Trace Ellington-Let Love In-2007- , Eurogang-The Gangs All Here Pt
2 (Hosted By Rephan , Collective Soul-Hollywood-Promo CDS-2007- ,VA-Reggae
2007-2007- , Smashing Pumpkins-Tarantula-Promo CDS-2007- , Bottom Of Da Map-Whats
Da Bizness-Promo CDS-2007- , Mr Nobody-Mixed The Fuck Up-(Bootleg)-2007- , VA –
Sidewinder-Compiled By DJ Benji-2007 , Young Smokesta-Thoughts Of A Thug
Angel-2007- ,Blair-Pluto-(EP)-2007- , VA-Trill Entertainment Presents-Survival Of
The Fi , Jay Z Vs Linkin Park-Encore-(SEXYMASH02)-Onesided , Common-The
People-Promo CDS-2007- ,Capone-N-Noreaga-The Reunion-Retail-2000 , R Kelly-Double
Up-2007- ,Magnum 357-Revolver Muzik Vol 1-Bootleg-2007 , LL Cool J-The
Definition-Retail-2004- ,Carl Thomas-So Much Better-2007 , Khao-Flippin The Game
(Real Nigga Radio)-(Bootleg) , VA-Lil C C-Note E S G And J Stew Presents-Andrew ,
Big UNK Feat Lil Keke And Jeffery Lynn-Fly As Fuc , VA-DJ Scream And Black Bill
Gates-Sick Wit It Vol , Melissa Jimenez-Untouchable-(Promo CDS)-2007- ,Jay
Rock-Lift Me Up-(CDS)-2007- , Trae Feat Lil Wayne-Screwed Up-(Promo CDS)-2007- ,
Johnny Ringo-Southside-(Promo CDS)-2007- ,Mo Kountry-Rain-(Promo CDS)-2007- ,
VA-Digital Product And DJ Nik Bean-Street RnB Part , Gucci Mane-Bird Flu-(Promo CDS)
-2007 ,Chill Will-What That Do For Ya-(Promo CDS) -2007- ,3rd Flo-Do The
Heizman-(Promo CDS)-2007- , Cuntri Boi Feat Rick Ross And Slim Thug-Im A Boss , Ray
Lavender-Donkey Kong-(Promo CDS)-2007- , Lil Uno Presents-Tales From The Sick-2007-
,Tum Tum-Hater (This 1s 4 U)-(Promo CDS) -2007- ,Rich Boy-Good Things-(CDS)-2007- ,
VA-ERG Nu Music Traxx Vol 210 May-2007- , VA-ERG Nu Music Traxx Vol 211 May-2007- ,
David Banner-K O -(Promo CDS)-2007 , VA-Bug-OST-2007- ,VA-US Rnb Promo Vol
22-(Bootleg)-Vinyl-2007- , Kurupt Presents-Tangled Thoughts-Philly 2 Cali-200 ,
Dizzee Rascal-Sirens-(CDS) -2007 ,Ashanti-Rain On Me (Full Phatt Remix)-(CDS) ,
Dubwise Productions Mts Judy Green-(DWCD022)-Retai , DJ X-Clusive-No Body Does It
Better (Akon)-Bootleg , VA-DJ Whiteowl-Not Your Average DJ Pt 4-(Proper)- , VA-DJ
Whiteowl-Not Your Average DJ Pt 3-Bootleg-2 , DJ Kool Kid-Bumpin And
Ridin-Bootleg-2007 ,Carla Diamond-Unearthed-2007- , VA-DJ Scope-Picks of the Month
12-(Bootleg)-2007 ,J2K-Who Am I-2007 , Tim Armstrong-A Poets Life-2007- , VA-DJ
Snake And DJ Maxim Presents 24-7 Hustle Vol , VA-DJ Snake Presents Urban Bangers 6
5-(Bootleg)-2 , R Kelly-Im A Flirt (Remix Feat T I And T-Pain)-( , VA-DJ Snake
Presents New And Fresh RNB Vol 18-(Boo , The Bravery-The Sun and The Moon-2007 ,
VA-DJ Suss One And DJ L-We Takin Over Pt 3-(Bootl , VA-DJ Willie-NYC Club Bangaz
Vol 1-(Bootleg)-2007- , Gucci Mane-Trap Happy-Bootleg-2007- ,Ras Shiloh-Coming
Home-Retail CD-2007- , Point Blank And Lil Cip-Next 2 Blow-2006 , Cosima De
Vito-Keep It Natural (Taylor Square Remi , Woody B Feat Brent St Clair-Holdin
on-(DV503)-Viny , VA-Lil Sicko and Lil Blacky-Eastside Gangsters 4-2 , Bocada Feat
Deva-Welcome to Satrincha-(TRI037)-VLS , VA-DJ Mino And GM Productions-Talk of The
City Vol , Jeff Redd-I Found Love-Promo CDM-1989- , Public Enemy-Night of the
Living Baseheads-VLS-198 , Posse All-Stars-Rap Classics-Bootleg-2006 , B Will And
Infinitevol-The Professor And The Mutan , Paul Taylor-Ladies Choice-2007 ,
Shameless-Smokers Die Younger-Advance-2007- , Streetwize-Sexy Love-2007 ,DJ Eggnice
And Notorious B I G -Notorious Blends V , T Love-Grown Mannish-2007- ,DJ Snake And
Young Faces Presents Barkey-Rules Of , Willie D Featuring the Geto
Boys-Controversy-Retai , Willie D-Im Goin Out Lika Soldier-Retail-1992- , VA-Cali
Connected Volume 7-Bootleg-2CD-2007 , UGK Ft Outkast-Intl Players Anthem (I Choose
You)- , Lil Boosie Ft Foxx And Webbie-Wi ,Kelly Rowland feat Eve-Like
This-Promo-CDR-2007 , Akon-Mama Africa-(CDS)-2007 ,VA-DJ Chuck T-Sexxxplicit Randb
Vol 28-Bootleg-20 , VA-Bizkit-Tapes Top 20 Vol 16-(Bootleg)-2007- , VA-Bizkit-Tapes
Top 20 RnB Vol 4-(Bootleg)-2007- , VA-DJ Chuck T-Down South Slangin 38-(Bootleg)
-2007 , Bananarama-The Greatest Hits And More More More-20 , VA-DJ LRM – In The Mix
Vol 2-(Bootleg)-2007- , VA-Bad Boy Ent Mixshow Priorities-(Promo)-2007- ,
VA-Cutmaster C-Amusement Park Vol 1-(Bootleg)-2007 , VA-DJ Storm Presents-Drank
Epidemic Eight (Hosted , VA-Scramatix The Best Of Scram Jones (Hosted By C ,
WC-Paranoid BW This Is Los Angeles-CDM-2007- ,40 Glocc-That New Nigga-Bootleg-2007-
,Bananarama-The Twelve Inches Of Bananarama-Remaste ,Deep3-Sway Wit it-2007 , Buju
Banton-One Draww Presents Best Of Buju-Bootle ,Uncut Raw-First Toke-2007- , T-Pain
Ft Akon-Bartender-(Promo CDS)-2007- , VA-Trill Entertainment Presents-Survival Of
The Fi , Jahfus Nufyah-Unheard Voices-CDS-2007- ,VA-DJ Ophax-Ophax
Headlights-(Bootleg)-2007 ,VA-Soulvibe Recordings Presents Keepin It Mellow-2 ,
Chris Cornell-Arms Around Your Love-(CDS)-2007- , VA-Rep Your Manor Presents Your
Mums Favourite DJ ,Akon-Dont Matter (Remixes) -(CDS)-2007 ,Deemi-The Soundtrack Of
My Life-(Sampler)-2007- , Rihanna Ft Jay-Z-Umbrella (Remixes)-(Promo CDM)-2 ,
Brantley Deangelo-I Did it for Love-2007 , Strange Fruit Project-The Lost Documents
Vol 1-CD , R Kelly Ft Usher-Same Girl-(Promo CDS)-2007- , Ken Boothe-Everything I
Own (The Definitive Collec , VA-Def Jam Recordings Spring Sampler-2007- , Tanto
Metro and Devonte-New Singles-PROMO CD-2007- , Takana Zion-Zion Prophet-PROMO
CD-2007- ,Rusty Zinn-ReggaeBlue-RETAiL CD-2007- , Big City-The City Never
Sleeps-2007- ,VA-Red Devil-This Is Why Were Hot-(Bootleg) -2007 ,The Used-Lies For
The Liars-2007 ,Nickelback-Rockstar-Promo CDS-2007- , KRS-One And Marley Marl-Hip
Hop Lives-2007- , VA-DJ Almighty – Fire Style-BOOTLEG CD-2007- , DJ Don Cannon And
Ms Jade-Million Dollar Baby-(Boo ,VA-Pop 0705-2007- , VA-Joey Fingaz-Your Girls
Favorite Mixtape (Spring , VA-DJ2Mello-Law And Order RnB Pt 2-(Bootleg)-2007- ,
Chris Cornell-Carry On-2007- ,Styles P-The Ghost Sessions-2007- , Young Jeezy
Presents U S D A -Cold Summer The Aut , Autism-5 Tracks Of Adrenaline-2CD-2007 ,
VA-Promo Only Canada Chart Radio Issue 141-2007- , VA-Midnight Soul After
Midnight-2007- , VA-DJ D-Real-Texas Trill All-Starz 4-(Bootleg)-2CD , Yung
Chill-Stop Talking And Listen-(Retail)-2007- , Nas-The Acapellas You Never Got Vol
7-(Bootleg Vin , VA-Gangstas Prayer Riddim (More)-Promo CD-2007- ,VA-Eclipse
Riddim-Promo CD-2007- , Ray Charles-Best Of-2007- ,Kurupt and J Wells-Digital
Smoke-2007- , VA-The Best 80s Party Album Vol 3-2007- , Joe Lovano And Hank
Jones-Kids Live At Dizzys Club , Ozzy Osbourne-Black Rain-2007- ,Andrew Bees-Thanks
and Praise-(7 Inch-VZS050) -Prop ,Jah Zebi-Herbal Meditation-(12 Inch-DT12001)
-Proof , VA-Soul And The City-2007- ,VA-Motown Remixed Vol 2-2007 , VA-Radio
Activity 0705-2007 ,Big Mike Jadakiss Mixtrap com The Come Up DVD-The , VA-Massive
Randb Spring Collection-2CD-2007 ,Maya Azucena-Junkyard Jewel-2007- , VA-Punch
Much-2007 ,Chungking-Stay Up Forever-2007- , Hans Zimmer-Pirates Of The Caribbean
At Worlds End , The Ataris-Space Invaded (retail) 2007- ,Rick James-Deeper
Still-2007- , VA-Ol Sittin Riddim-Promo CD-2007- ,50 Cent-Amusement Park-(Promo CDS)
-2007- , VA-Dance Express 722D-2007- ,The Enemy-Had Enough-(Promo CDS)-2007- ,
VA-Rock Express 722R-2007- ,VA-Classic Party Rockers Volume 41-Vinyl-2006 , Paul
Oakenfold-24-7-(DVD)-2007- ,Amir Sulaiman-Like A Thief In The Night-2007 , Cory
Lee-Sinful Innocence-(Retail)-2007 , William Murphy III-The Sound Live In Atlanta
Anoth , VA-DJ Mike Lawry-From Houston To Helsinki 2 (Hoste , Mario
Vazquez-EP-(Promo VLS Rerip)-2007- , Janet Jackson-Speed It Up BW Love Me-(Bootleg
VLS , DJ Noodles-Last Night BW Tryin Hold It Down (AV8 B , Art Taylor-A T S Delight
(RVG Edition)-2007- ,artist: Floriginultitle: Da Worst Kept Secret ( ,Th Ends-MXTP
1 (Knowledge Not Gangster)-(Bootleg)- , VA-Promo Only Mainstream Radio June-2007- ,
Swifty McVay-Forest Fyres-(WEB) -2006-vinyl ,VA-Superstar Jay-Against All
Odds-(Bootleg)-2007- , Toolshed-Relapse-2007-vinyl ,DJ Kool Kid And Cassidy-The
Answer Part 3-(Bootleg , T I P -Big Things Poppin (Do It)-(Promo CDS)-2007 ,VA-Next
Level Riddim (Edit) -Promo CD-2007- ,OST-Shooter-(Repack)-2007- ,VA-ATL Club
Bangers Issue 1-(Bootleg) -2007 ,T-Pain Ft Kanye West and UGK-Buy You A Drank Remix
, Synai-State Of Emergency 2-(Bootleg)-2007- ,Supe-Locked In My Basement-2007- ,
VA-No Foe Riddim-Promo CD-2007- , RBL Posse-Sippin On That 100
Racks-Promo-CDS-2007- , VA-Hip Hop Rules Volume 15-(Bootleg)-Vinyl-2007- , Young
Cap And Shameless-So Official-Sampler-2007- , Ex Vandalz-Docile Takeover Vol
1-Graffiti Brydge-2 , VA-DJ Phat-S-Touch Me Tease Me Kiss Me-Bootleg-200 , VA-Euro
Express 722U-2CD-2007- , VA-Outlawz And DJ Rip-Outlaw Culture The Official , VA-Nu
Tymers Colony Affiliated-Nu Money (Aggravate , VA-Kurtis Blow Presents Hip Hop
Ministry-2007- , VA-Diss Meanz War Vol 7 (Ride On My Enemiez)-(Boot , Sadiki-The
Sound Killachi (Round One)-Retail CD-20 , Jimmy Levine-Share My Love-Retail-2006- ,
Carlton Patterson And King Tubbys-Black And White ,C-Dubb-Shock Treatment-2007 ,
VA-X-Mix Radioactive Mainstream and Rock Series Ma , VA-Soulvibe Recordings
Presents In The Groove-2007 , Jaspects-Double Consciousness-2007- , VA-DJ
Fanatik-Dangerous Session Volume 5-Bootleg-2 , VA-DJ4Sho Presents-Southern
Slaughter Pt 2-(Bootle ,Marilyn Manson – Eat Me Drink Me ,VA-Prestigio Records And
Ceasar Pr , Rappin 4-Tay And Squirrel-Ghetto Visa-2007- , VA-Xmix Radioacticve
Urban Radio May-2007- , Hilltop Hoods-The Hard Road Restrung-2007- , VA-Evil
Empire-Dipset Skull Gang (Hosted By Jim Jo , Mistah F A B -The Baydestrian-(Retail)
-2007-(group , VA-DJ Clue-Heavy Rotation Part 2-(Bootleg)-2007- , VA-DJ Clue-Its Me
Snitches-(Bootleg)-2007- ,Amerie-Because I Love It-2007- , VA-DJ Diggz DJ Rated R
And DJ Lust-Goonies 2K7 Pt , Maximo Park-Our Earthly Pleasures-2007- , VA-DJ Khaled
And Sean Kingston-Good Talk Vol 2-(Bo , VA-Boss Hogg Outlawz-Headed To Da Kappa
2k7-2CD-(B , VA-DJ Trigga-Heir to the Thrown 5 (I Am Hiphop Edi , The Exies-A
Modern Way Of Living With The Truth-20 , Sean Paul Of The Young Bloodz-Hood
Anthems-2007- , VA-DJ 31 Degreez-Forecast 7 (Road To Finals)-(Boot , Marco
Polo-Port Authority-2007- ,VA-Promo Only Modern Rock Radio June-2007- , Nick
Lowe-At My Age-2007- ,VA-I Do This Hip-Hop And R And B Blends Vol 1 (Mix , Personal
F O U L-Attack 2 The Trenches-2006- , VA-DJ Madden And DJ Nyce-The Lost
Tapes-(Bootleg)- , VA-Full One Presents Days Are Longer-CDR-2007- ,Dem 44 Boyz-Tha
Goodfellas-2007- , Bosh G-Information Stop Talkin-2007- ,VA-DJ Cristyle-Southern
Streetz 10-(Bootleg) -2007- ,Konu-Coco Shack-2007- , VA-DJ Teknikz-If U Buyin We
Sellin Volume 12-(Boot , Mike Nasty-Monopoly Money-2007 ,Detail – Get In Line ,
Linkin Park-Minutes To Midnight-(Retail)(scans inc , Ray Charles-Lets Have A
Ball-2007- ,The Commodores-Jazz Funk-2007- , VA-Stones Throw Chrome Children
2-2007- , VA-DJ Finesse-Spring Fever RnB 2K7-(Bootleg)-2007- ,VA-Shrek The
Third-(OST) -2007- ,DJ Finesse AG And Trey Songz-The Ladies Choice-(Bo , Tank-Sex
Love and Pain-2007 ,DaVille-On My Mind-Retail CD-2007- , Crime Mobb-Rock Yo
Hips-Promo CDS-2007 ,VA-DJ Scope-Scope Reggae Picks 6-(Bootleg) -2007 ,VA-DJ
2mello-Hood Timez Vol 2 (Hosted By Paul Wall , VA – Ultimate Jazz-2007 ,DJ Messiah
Presents Uncle Murder-Target Practice-( , Sage Francis-Human The Death
Dance-Retail-2007- , Verbal Taktiks-Mixtape Vol 1-Bootleg-2007- , VA-DJ Baywonder
Presents-Blazin U Beezies-Bootleg- , VA-Tapemasters Inc And Bizkit-Codeine Hitz
Part 4 , VA-Tapemasters Inc And The Empire-Whos Got The Cr , Don Toriano-Gone
Pimpin-2007- ,VA-Memphis Or Die-The Movement Vol 1-(OST)-2007 , Chemical
Brothers-Do It Again-PROMO CDM-2007 ,Beverly Knight-Music City Soul-2007 , VA-DJ
Pray One-South Bangerz Volume 2-Bootleg-2007 ,Kev Samples-The Rush-2007- , Big
Brovaz-Re-Entry (Special Limited Edition)-2007 , VA-DJ Wreck-Real Beef Vol 1 (50 ,
VA – Revolver Legends Of Rock-CD-2007- , VA-KOCH Records Exclusive Radio Hits Vol
23-(Promo , Omarion-Ice Box-Retail-CDM-2007- , Yung Joc Ft Gorilla Zoe-Coffee
Shop-Promo CDS-2007 , MC Shan-Down By Law Special Edition Reissue-2CD-20 , VA-Promo
Only Canada Urban Radio May-2007- ,VA-Promo Only Urban Radio June-2007- , Ya
Boy-Holla At Ya Boy-(Promo CDS)-2007- ,E P -Supastar-2007- , They Might Be
Giants-The Else-(Advance)-2007 , Hell Rell-Streets Gon Love Me BW I Aint Playin Wit
, VA-The City Is Ours Mixtape Volume 3 (Sin City)-Bo , Smitty-Died In Your
Arms-(CDS)-2007- ,VA – What’s Up-90’s Alternative Radio , Red Hot Chili
Peppers-Hump De Bump-(CDM)-2007- , Slim Thug-Wood Grain Wheel-(Promo CDS)-2007 ,
Jay Rock-Watts Finest Volume 3 (The Watts Riot)-Bo ,Braze-Supremacy-2007- , DJ
Babu-The Beat Tape Vol 1-2007- ,VA-Promo Only Caribbean Series April-2007- ,
VA-Promo Only Caribbean Series May-2007- ,VA-Promo Only Caribbean Series June-2007-
,VA-X-Mix Urban Series Issue 102-2007- , Natasha Bedingfield-I Wanna Have Your
Babies-(CDS) , Beenie Man-Monsters Of Dancehall-RETAiL CD-2007- , Smokey-Words From
The Missing-EP-2007- , Strata-Presents The End Of The World-(Advance)-200 , VA –
Mega Bass Vol 1-2CD-2007 , Chamillionaire Feat Olli Banjo-Ridin-Promo CDS-20 ,
Kelly Clarkson-Never Again-(CDS)-2007- , DJ Ames And Alfamega-Respect The
Hustle-(Bootleg)- , Lou Bega – Conchita-CDS-2007- , DJ Smallz And R O M E-Before
The Takeover-Bootleg- ,VA-The Hip Hop Project (OST) -2007- ,Mandy Moore-Wild
Hope-2007- ,Burning Spear-The Experience-Retail 2CD-2007- , Bone Brothers-Bone
Brothers 2-2007- ,Pink-Leave Me Alone (AU CDS)-2007- , VA-Big Mike-Addicted To The
Game 2 (Hosted By Duke , Linkin Park – What Ive Done-CDM-2007- ,
Daywalkers-Chronicles Of The 3rd Realm-2007- ,Groove Armada-Soundboy Rock-2007- ,
VA-DJ Rokz-Iced Out Skull Heads Pt 1-(Bootleg) -200 ,8Ball And MJG-Around The World
In A Day-(Bootleg)- , VA-DJ Culture-Block Movement Vol 9-(Bootleg)-2007- , VA-DJ
Culture-Block Movement Vol 8-(Bootleg)-2007- ,Akon-Dont Matter-(Promo CDS) -2007- ,
VA-DJ Rokz-Taliban Grams Dipset Jets Vol 2-(Bootle , VA-Snatchatape Presents-The
Best Of Tha Riot Squad , A Plus-My Last Good Deed-2007- , VA-DJ Onpoint-I Know Yall
Started To Miss Me-(Boot , 2Pac-The 10TH Anniversary Collection (The Sex The ,
VA-Superstar Jay And DJ Drama-Non Stop Pressure-(B , DJ Trigga-Punisher (50 Cent
Versus The World)-(Boo , DukeDaGod Presents Dipset-More Tha

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junio 18, 2007

Links Rapidshare promete descargas directas de todo tipo, series, peliculas, musica, juegos, programas y mucho mas.


junio 18, 2007

Fotos espectaculares

Música Para Bajar

junio 18, 2007

Descarga directa de AC/DC ,Air ,Alpha Blondy ,Ambulance LTD ,Athlete ,Audioslave ,
Babasónicos ,Beastie Boys ,Beck ,Belle and Sebastian ,Bjork ,Black Rebel Motorcycle
Club ,Bloc Party ,Bob Dylan ,Bob Marley and The Wailers ,Brazilian Girls ,Brian
Jonestown Massacre ,Bruce Springsteen ,Cafe Tacuba ,Cansei de Ser Sexy ,Casco ,Clap
Your Hands Say Yeah ,Coldplay ,Daniel Melero ,David Bowie ,Death in Vegas ,Depeche
Mode ,Divididos ,Everything But The Girl ,Fatboy Slim ,Fiona Apple ,Franz Ferdinand
,Galileo ,Garbage ,Goldfrapp ,Gotan Project ,Gustavo Cerati ,Héroes del Silencio ,
Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas ,Interpol ,Jimi Hendrix ,Kaiser Chiefs ,Kasabian ,
Kinky ,Kraftwerk ,Kula Shaker ,La Piantada ,Las Pelotas ,LCD Soundsystem ,Lost in
Translation ,Luis ,Alberto Spinetta ,M.I.A. ,Madonna ,Manic Street Preachers ,Manu
Chao ,Moby ,Mogwai ,Moloko ,Morcheeba ,My Bloody Valentine ,Natiruts ,Neil Young ,
New Order ,New York Dolls ,Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ,Nortec Collective ,Nuch ,
Patti Smith ,Paul McCartney ,Peter Gabriel ,PJ Harvey Planet Funk Portishead Primal
Scream Radiohead Red Hot Chili Peppers Richard ,Ashcroft Ride Rinocerose Scissor
Sisters Sigur Rós Soda Stereo Soulwax Spacemen 3 St. Germain Stereo Total Suede
Sumo Super Furry Animals Supergrass Talking Heads The Beta Band The Chemical
Brothers The Cranberries The Go Team The Jesus and Mary Chain The Juan Maclean The
Music The Shins The Verve The View The White Stripes Tracey Thorn Travis Tribo de
Jah Wolfmother Zero 7


junio 16, 2007

Descarga Directa De Diana Krall – Live In Paris (2002) ,Caña Brava – No Me Faltes
Nunca ,Cuerdas Del Corazon De America ,Jose Feliciano .Escenas De Amor , Gloria Del
Paraguay – Canta A Mexico ,Trio Los Panchos – Liliana (Gil-Navarro-Cáceres) ,
Chatarritas Venezolanas -3 Cds ,Lorenzo Antonio ,Sergio Fachelli ,Nat King Cole – 28
De Sus Mejores Canciones … ,Voltops Vol 1 ,Los Tres Tristes Tigres Y Marlene ,
María Teresa Chacín -Solo Boleros , 1997-Guillermo Carrasco- Este Miércoles ,Nancy
Ramos -Serie 32 ,Diana Krall -Only Trust Your Heart (1994) ,Osmar Milito – Ligia ,
Raul Di Blasio -1991 Barroco ,Julian Centeya – Disco Nº 4 ,Enrique Caceres – Amor
Ciego ,Roberto Yanes – Momentos Intimos ,Discografía De Thalía [Aporte De Chelas] ,
Ornela Vanoni – Le Più Belle Canzoni ,Manuela Bravo – Temas Sueltos De Simples 7″
Vinilo… ,Wilkins Disco De Oro ,Rocío Jurado – Donde Estas Amor? (1987) ,Los Santos
– Tangos Para Todo El Mundo ,Carmen Maureira – Exitos De La Nueva Ola , Links
Correctos De Jose Luis Perales Post ,Romanticas Inolvidables ,Jose Luis Perales
Recopilacion De Sus Canciones ,Nunca Hagas Llorar A Una Mujer Laura Flores ,Ecos De
Cuba – Orquesta Serenata Tropical Y Violin… ,Cherry Navarro [De La Venezuela
Sesentosa] ,Leo Marini – 30 Exitos ,Pat Coria – Transparentemente ,Diana Maria –
Grandes Exitos ,Vanessa Mendez – Llego La Hora ,Silvina Garre – Otro Cuerpo Mas ,
Rocío Jurado – Paloma Brava (1985) ,Diana Maria – Con Amor ,Diana Maria – Temas
Raros ,Ornela Vanoni – Canta En Español , Mirla Castellanos -Exitos ,Chayanne – Mi
Tiempo (2007) ,Discografia De Chayanne ,Discografia De Inti-Illimani ,Antonietta –
Boleros ,Willie Colon – Presents Ruben Blades ,Marco Antonio Solis Exitos ,Los
Naufragos Y Safari ,Trio Galleta Estoy Herido ,Trio Galleta – Sus Canciones ,Los
Gatos – Seremos Amigos ,Los Blue Splendors – Gran Grupo Chileno ( Homena… ,
Ensamblados – Las Canciones Que Bailabamos En Los … ,Romanticos En Ingles De Los
’70 ,Sabu ,Eros Ramazzotti Exitos ,Eros Ramazzotti Estilo Libre ,Eros Ramazzotti
Calma Aparente ,Eros Ramazzotti En Concierto ,Eros Ramazzotti En Todos Los Sentidos ,
Susana Zabaleta – Quiero Sentir Bonito ,Gonzalo – Quien Piensa En Ti ,Grandes
Susessos – Lindomar Castilho ,Betty Missiego – Lo Mejor De Betty Missiego ,Julian
Centeya – Antología Lunfarda ,Cumbias Bailables ,De Dos En Dos (Canciones En Dos
Idiomas) ,Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra – Solo Para Ti ,Las Grandes Cumbias Del Siglo
Xx ,Francisco – 20 Años Latino (2000) ,Discografia De Alejandro Sanz , Alejandro
Sanz-Discografia ,Whitney Houston – The Bodyguard ,John Williams – El Diablo Suelto
– Guitar Music Of… ,Va – Best Of Cha Cha Music ,Latinos En Salsa ,Baden Powell –
Un Violao Na Madrugada ,Harry Belafonte ,Angel Viloria Y Su Conjunto Tipico Cibaeño ,
Arianna – Las Canciones De Mi Vida. ,Los Indios Tabajaras – Porque Eres Asi. ,100
-Exitos Clásicos De La Cumbia ,Nino Bravo – Siempre Te Recordaremos ,Luis Jara – Mi
Destino ,Grupo Folklorico Experimental De New York [2 Cds] ,Guadalupe Pineda –
Canciones De Mi Tierra (2004) , Discografia De Cesar Isella ,Luis Jara – Mañana ,
Armando Manzanero – Canciones De Amor ,Armando Manzanero – 26 Grandes Boleros ,Guty
Cardenas / Los Panchos , Carlos Mata ,Carlos Mata – De Coleccion ,Emerson Nogueira –
Ao Vivo [2 Cds] , Les Luthiers, Discografia… Casi Completa ,Joan Manuel Serrat Y
El Tango , Folclore Cantos De Los Indios Guaraníes ,Luis Jara – Tanto Amor ,Luis
Salinas – Musica Argentina (2 Cds) ,Rocio Durcal ,Marco Antonio Muñiz – Danzas ,
(1994) Siento-Rosario Flores. ,(1992) De Ley-Rosario Flores. ,Gino Vannelli – These
Are The Days (2006) ,Joan Manuel Serrat – Serrat 1969 ,Juan Luis Guerra – Areito ,
Exitos Orquestados De La Decada Del ¨60 ,(1996) Mucho Por Vivir Rosario Flores. ,
(1999) Jugar A La Locura.Rosario Flores ,Nelson Ned – Si Las Flores Pudieran Hablar ,
Rosario Flores – De Mil Colores (2003) ,(2001)Rosario Flores Muchas Flores ,
Gregorian Chant – Abba ,Los Diablos , Maria.Martha.Serra.Lima.-.Volumen.Ii ,Roberto
Yanes – Recopilación ,Grupo Barrabas * Wild Safari ,Romanticas * Del * Ayer ,Dulce –
20 Exitos Originales. , Discografia De Benny Ibarra ,Denisse De Kalafe – Hacer Y
Deshacer (2005) ,Algo Para Recordar Vol. Uno ,The Best Of The 1960’S 70’S 80’S 90’S
Classic’S ,Kenny G – Songbird (The Ultimate Collection) ,Enrique Chia – Gracias ,
Varios Cds De Julio Iglesias -Parte 1 ,Links For Rocio Durcal ,El Trio Vegabajeño –
Sus Canciones Favoritas ,Julio Iglesias (Un Hombre Solo) ,Sheyla – 2006 Lo Mejor En
Cantando Por Un Sueño ,Lito Vitale – La Senda Infinita ,Rocio Durcal 17 Cd’S ,
Yolandita Monge – Luz De Luna ,Grupo Yndio ,Tania Libertad – Arias De Opera .. Y
Porque No? ,Oscar Athie ,Denisse De Kalaff ,Victor Heredia Colleccion ( 19 Cd’S ) ,
Perez Prado 20 Exitos ,Cyrius – La Banda ,Sindrome – El Enmascarado Misterioso ,Vals
– Andre Rieu ,Baladas De Oro 3 Cds ,3 Cds De Sandro ,Julio Iglesias – 1100 Bel Air
Place ,Raul Di Blasio – Grandes Exitos ,Sandra Baylac – Xx ,The Original Elvis
Presley Collection 50 Cd’S ,Sandra Mihanovich-Sin Tu Amor ,Sandra Mihanovich –
Sandra En El Paraiso ,Maria Jose Cantilo – En Banda , Cecilia Baraz – Enigma ,
Roberto Yanes – Cariñosa ,Betty Missiego – Boleros , Tango En Arpa By Nicolas
Caballero , “Lucho Barrios” Tropical ,Discografia De Jose Jose ,Rapahel De España ,
Itatí Cantoral Canta A Roberto Cantoral , Guadalupe Pineda – Arias De Ópera ,Monica
Cruz – Luna Llena ,Pedro Vargas – Sigo Siendo “El Rey” ,Henry Hierro ,Manuela Bravo
– Compilado Cassette ,”Toña La Negra” ,Sweet November Soundtrack ,Mary La Dulce –
Besos De Fuego ,”Tangos Orquestados” ,Bso-Pasión De Gavilanes ,Antología Del Tango ,
Vanessa – Soy Una Persona ,Lo Más Selecto De Raphy L. ,Baladas En Ingles Cantadas En
Español , “Javier Solis” – En New York ,Mi Sitio Web ,Roller Boogie Soundtrack ,Juan
Carlos Baglietto Y Silvina Garre – En Vivo Te… ,Mi Musica – Vol 1 ,Eros Ramazzotti
1988 ,José Luis Rodriguez – Mis Primeros Boleros – Serie… ,Cecilia Baraz – Cambios
,Eros Ramazzotti 1987 ,Formula V – 3 Cds ,Eros Ramazzotti ,Mary La Dulce – La
Bailadora ,Emmanuelle Soundtrack ( Franses) ,Mpb4 – 40 Anos Ao Vivo ,Raul Shaw
Moreno ,Pan Pipe Love Album ,Joaquin Sabina ,Emmanuel ,Elvis Presley – The Number
One Hits 1987 ,Woodstock ,Julio Iglesias – Un Canto A Galicia (1973) ,Temas De
Telenovelas Venezolanas ,Jose Feliciano – Poquita Fe , Grupo Foxy – Pensando En Ti ,
Diana Maria – 1500 Grados ,Divina Gloria – Divina Gloria And The Canibal Triv… ,
Jose Luis Rodriguez – Tengo Derecho A Ser Feliz ,Wonderful World ,Discografia De
Quilapayun 37 Cd”S ,Roberto Carlos , Musica Años 40s ,Bech Boys – The Very Best ,
Arianna Corazon Romantico , Abracadabra Compilation ,Miriam Makeba – La Reina Del
Pata Pata ,Anibal De Peña – Su Voz Y Su Piano. ,Juan Gabriel Primeros Discos ,Tom
Jones – En Viña 2007 , Julia Zenko – Sin Rotulos ,Los Golpes – Clasicos De Chile ,
Los Angeles Negros Y Los Terricolas ,Floria Marquez -Boleros Prima Show Woman De
Venez… ,Frank Sinatra – Duetos ,Elvis Presley – Essential 2007 2 Cd ,Los Cuatro
Amigos – Tangos Y Milongas Instrumentad… ,Fabiana Cantilo – Detectives ,Los
Muchachos De Antes ,Lissette – Sus 20 Grandes Exitos ,Celine Dion – All Instrumental
, “The Shadows” (Grandes Exitos). ,Jose Luis Rodriguez- Piel De Hombre -1992 ,Hoy Es
Mi Cumpleaños ,Musica Para Todo Los Gustos ,The Beatles – Acetates ,Ray Coniff 70
Canciones ,Finales Vol 4 ,Paco De Lucia – Discografia ,Grandes Boleros Del Caribe ,
Mercedes Sosa – La Voz De La Zafra – 1959 ,Javier Solis Con El Trio Los Panchos ,
Leonor Benedetto ,Bossa Nova ,Rocío Jurado – Desde Dentro ,Exitos Cantados En Otros
Idiomas ,Ray Conniff ,Rocio Jurado – Esencial , Amadeus – Original Soundtrack
Recording ,Mr_Five Music: Bobby Solo ,Mr_Five Music: Rita Pavone ,Liberace Y Su
Piano ,Viva El Merengue ,Los Exitos Del Amor Vol 1 ,Beatles Classics By Enoch Light
And His Orchestra ,Billo’S Caracas Boys-La Mejor Salsa Tropical (2 Cd… ,Mari Trini
– Grandes Exitos ,Carpenters – Gold ,Lucecita – Nostalgia – Vol. 1 ,Hernaldo Zuñiga
– Básico D.F. (1995) , Ismael Rivera – Maelo…El Unico ,Los Preferidos A La Luna ,
Jorge Muñiz – Las Canciones Que No Me Enseñó Mi Pa… ,Juan Gabriel ,Julio Iglesias
Un Corazon Enamorado ,La Vieja Ola – Vol. 1 ,Rocío Jurado – Señora ,Rocío Durcal –
Buenos Días Condesita ,Ray Conniff – Band Of Gold – Fabulous 50’S Those W… ,Ray
Conniff Interpreta Exitos De Manuel Alejandro ,Chavela Vargas – En Carnegie Hall
(2004) ,Diego De Cossio ,Francis Lai – Banda Original De La Película Love S… ,
Aretha Franklin ,Horizonte De Soledad (1994) – Lucecita Benitez , Gregorian Chants –
Songs Of The Beatles ,Capablanca – Gran Grupo Chileno De Los ’70 ,Juan D’Arienzo Y
Su Orquesta – Lindos Tangos ,Lorenzo Santa Maria , Coincidir. Rocio Banquells ,Samir
– Cantante Colombiano ,Entrega Total Rocio Banquells ,Monica Cruz – Una Noche Fatal ,
Rocio Banquells ,The Ventures ,14 Grandes Exitos De Ricardo Montaner ,1992-Ricardo
Montaner- Los Hijos Del Sol , Los Grandes Grupos Romanticos ,Sergio Facheli ,
1993-Ricardo Montaner-Exitos Y Algo Mas ,1991-Ricardo Montaner -En El Ultimo Lugar
Del Mund… ,1991-Ricardo Montaner -Un Toque De Misterio ,1988-Ricardo Montaner Ii ,
1987- Ricardo Montaner ,Ricardo Montaner -Varios Cds ,Rocío Jurado – Como Una Ola ,
La Epoca De Oro Del Rock And Roll ,Marco Antonio Vazquez – 16 Exitos ,Jose Luis
Rodriguez -El Puma ,Cacho Castaña – En Vivo (2003) ,Cacho Castaña – Espalda Con
Espalda (2005) ,Cacho Castaña – Buenos Aires Lado B ,Cacho Castaña – El Regreso Del
Ladron (1987) ,”Matt Monro” ,Manuela Bravo – A Mi Manera ,Gal Costa ,Los 4 De Salta
– Nací Para Cantar ,Rocío Jurado – Canta A Mexico ,Los Link De Jose Luis Rodriguez ,
Julio Iglesias – Romantic Classics (2006) ,Canciones Especiales Para “El Dia Del
Padre” ,La_Super_Discoteca_Vol_4 ,Jose Luis Rodriguez -Señor Corazón ,Jose Luis
Rodriguez El Puma – Mis 30 Mejores Canci… ,Los Fabulosos 60´S ,Jose Luis Rodriguez
– Distancia (2005) ,Jose Luis Rodríguez – La Historia Del Puma 2007. ,Jose Luis
Rodriguez Y Raul Di Blasio – Clave De Am… ,Jose Luis Rodriguez-Con Los
Panchos-Inolvidable -I… ,Http:… ,Jose Luis Rodriguez-Champagne ,Los 4 De Salta –
Ojos De Cielo ,Los 4 De Salta – Tocando Al Frente ,Los Terricolas 4 Cd ,Pancho
Puelma ,Perla ,Los Panchos – Eternamente Los Panchos Exitos (2007… ,Leonardo Favio
– 20 De Coleccion , Patricia Frias ,Pablo Milanes – Boleros Mexicanos Filin 4 Y 5 ,
Los Fabulosos Tres Paraguayos ,Ana Cirré – La Mas Completa Colección 2 Cd´S ,Pablo
Milanes – Filin 2 Y 3 ,Magdalena Leon ,Pablo Milanes – Filin 1 ,Rudi Y Nini Flores –
Refugio De Soñadores ,Jose Alfredo Fuentes – “El Pollo” ,The Animals – La Casa Del
Sol Naciente ,Monica Cruz – Telepatia ,”Nelly Omar” (Tangos). ,Discografia De
Sandro-Parte 3 ,Charlie Zaa (3 Cd) ,Marcela Frank – Algo Personal ,Sandro De America
,Inti Raimi ,Horacio Guarany ,Django Reinhardt – The Best Of ,Marcela Frank – Puedo
Soñar ,Luisito Rey – 10 Hits ,Bebu Silvetti – El Mundo Sin Palabras (1976) ,Rocío
Jurado – Suspiro De Amor ,Alberto Vazquez – 15 Exitos De Colección ,Joan Baez –
Gracias A La Vida ,Gheorghe Zamfir – The Feeling Of Romance ,Amanda Miguel – 16
Kilates Musicales ,Los Bric A Brac – Sus Mejores Canciones ,Rocío Jurado – De Ahora
En Adelante ,Los Guaraguao – Las Casas De Carton ,Manuela Bravo – Demos Año 1994 Y
2001 + Bonus ,Yuridia – La Voz De Un Angel ,Pablo Milanes – Querido Pablo ,El
Castillo Musical De Barney ,Barney’S Favorites (Ingles) ,Un Gran Dia… Barney ,
Maria Conchita – Lo Mejor De ,Tania – Grandes Exitos ,Ana Gabriel – La Reina Canta A
Mexico ,Carpenters – As Time Goes By ,Soledad – 10 Años De Soledad ,Hi – 5 – Música
Infantil ,Canciones Del Chavo Del 8 ,Pedro Infante – Coleccion Inmortal – 2 Cd ,100
Master Pieces Of Clasiccal Music 5 Cd´S ,Manuela Bravo – Lp Año 1982 ,”Inti Illimani
(1986) (Chilenos) ,Cristian Castro Un Segundo En El Tiempo ,”Inti Illimani (1984)
(Chilenos) ,”Inti Illimani (1981) (Chilenos) ,”Inti Illimani (1976) (Chilenos) ,
Best Of Bossa Nova ,”Inti Illimani (1975) (Chilenos) ,Silvina Garre – Creeras En
Milagros ,”Inti Illimani (1973) (Chilenos) ,Cristian Castro El Deseo De Oir Tu Voz ,
“Inti Illimani (1969) (Chilenos) ,”Conjunto Cuncumen” (Chilenos) , “Efecto Mozart” (
Musica + 7 Sonidos Fetales Para… ,Patricia Sosa – En Vivo , Gheorghe Zamfir –
Music From The Movies ,Orlando Netti – Todo Amor ,Vanessa Mendez – Vale Todo ,
Soledades Vol 1 , Raul Vale – Grandes Exitos – 3 Cd´S ,”Los Chacareros De Paine”
(Chilenos) ,Chucho Avellanet – Boleros De Amor ,Mary La Dulce – Sexo Fuerte ,Luis
Segura – 15 Exitos De Bachata ,Monica Cruz – La Voz Del Corazon ,El Indio Araucano-
Vol. 1 ,”Kari Kari” (Musica De Isla De Pascua) , Gheorghe Zamfir – Love Songs (1991)
,Victor Manuel Y Ana Belen – Mucho Mas Que Dos ,Segunda Parte De Discografia De
Sandro ,Margarita Rosa De Francisco – La Caponera ,Cafe Con Aroma De Mujer (2) ,Cafe
Con Aroma De Mujer (I) , Rolando Alarcon – Mocito Que Vas Remando ,Gene Pitney –
Solo El Amor Puede Reparar Un Corazo… ,Mocedades En La Intimidad 2007 ,”Violeta
Parra En Ginebra” (Chilena) , Parte De La Discografia De Sandro -Estrella ,Sissi
Hansen – Mi Religion , Monica Posse – Por Que Tiene Esa Chica La Cara Tan… ,Pink
Floyd ,Alberto Cortez ,Ruben Blades Live ,Paul Mc Cartney ,Alejandra Guzman ,Jose
Jose 25 Vol 1 ,Jose Jose 25.Vol 2 ,Diana Maria – Confesiones ,Vanessa – Ven, Ven ,
Claudia Puyo – Cuando Te Vi Partir ,Wilfrido Vargas – Los Años Dorados ,Monica Posse
– Lp Año 1987 ,Claudia Brant – Cd Año 1992 ,Boleropera – Carlos Cuevas & Cesar
Rodriguez ,Irene Ferrari – Con Todo El Amor Del Mundo ,Las Bellas Cantantes De La
Nueva Ola Chilena ,Almendra – Muchacha Ojos De Papel ,Divina Gloria – Desnudita Es
Mejor ,Graciela Yuste – Temas Ineditos , Cosas De Niños ,Lo Más Sabroso De La
Rebelión…. ,Cecilia Paliza – Cd Año 1999 , Sophy – Versatil Y Temperamental ,
Sandra Mihanovich – Si Somos Gente ,Silvina Garre – La Mañana Siguiente ,Finales Vol
5 ,Maria Callas – Vol. 1 ,Los Sabandeños – Nombres De Mujer ,Martha Mauri – Mañana
De Setiembre ,Sergio Denis – La Vida Vale La Pena , Salsa De Barrio – Homenaje A
Tite Curet ,Altemar Dutra – El Inolvidable , Pimpinela – Las Numero 1 ,Mama Cass
Elliot – Integrante De The Mamas And The… ,Duo Dinamico – Sus Èxitos ,Marie Claire
D´Ubaldo – Alma De Barro ,Manuela Bravo – Besame Mucho ,Maria Leonor Schell – Desde
El Corazon ,”Perez Prado” – Kuba-Mambo ,Exitos Con Mariachi ,Mijares – Amor Y
Rock&Roll ,Las Mejores Peliculas Del Oeste – 20 Exitos ,”Quelentaro” – Buscando
Siembra Después De La Torm… ,Yanni In Live At The Acropolis ,Viva La Salsa 2 (2
Cds) ,Roxette , Quelentaro – Leña Gruesa ,Pimpinela – Donde Estas Los Hombres? ,Los
Hermanos Rosario – ¡Merengue! ,”Quelentaro” Coplas Al Viento. ,Los Red Juniors –
Canciones De Los Hermanos Zabale… ,Alberto Castillo – Sus Mejores Tangos ,Bso –
Casablanca ,Sissi Hansen – Sissi Hansen & Vogue Vol. 1 , Andrea Del Boca – El Amor ,
Roberto Ledesma – 15 Grandes Exitos ,Industria Nacional & Amigos – Seleccion ,Julia
Zenko – En Tiempo Real ,Sandra Mihanovich – Soy Lo Que Soy , Isla De Pascua ,Jose
Luis Rodriguez & Los Panchos – Inolvidables I… , Tupamaro- Salsa ,Los Bribones –
100 Años De Musica ,La Magia Del Piano ,Pedro Infante – Por Siempre Inmortal ,
Mocedades Canta A Juan Luis Guerra ,Relato De La Historia Del Tango – Por Horacio
Ferr… ,Fausto Papetti – De Coleccion , Elianna – Inedito 1992 , “Los Fenix”
(Chilenos) ,Marco Antonio Muñiz – El Lujo De Mexico ,Monica Cruz – Que Te Duela ,
Fernando Valades – 20 Exitos ,Salvatores Adamo Mis Mejores Canciones Y Otro ,Mary La
Dulce – Rompecorazones ,Los Angeles Negros- Disco De Oro – 20 Exitos , Rokabanda –
¡Solida! ,Viva La Salsa 28 Éxitos (2 Cds) ,Demis Roussos, Recopilación Oro ,Selena –
Unforgettable , Manuela Bravo – Amame, Ahora Con La Lluvia ,Enrique Chia – Ritmos De
Mi Cuba , Roberto Carlos – 1966 ,Donna Summer – Once Upon A Time – 1997 ,Julio Angel
Y Los Condes “Ternura” ,Fausto Papetti – Coleccion (Album Con 3 Cds) ,Le Piu’ Belle
Canzoni Italiane Di Sempre ,El Cartero Ost – Pablo Neruda , Silvana Di Lorenzo – Lo
Mejor De ,Monica Posse – Tiempo De Cambios ,Trocha Angosta – Igual Que Ayer ,Diana
Maria – Este Amor Que Nos Damos ,Vikky Carr 20 De Coleccion , 100 Años De Mariachi ,
Nelson Ned Vol.2 Antologia ,Luciana – 16 Grandes Canciones , Monica Posse – El Amor
Es La Fuerza ,Maria Martha Serra Lima Y Los Hispanos ,Luciana – Alguien Como Yo ,
Marcela Frank – Amor Diablo ,Cris Manzano – Queriéndote ,Silvina Garre – Reinas De
Pueblo Grande ,Erotic Lounge – Deluxe Edition (1) ,Johnny Albino – Somos Novios ,
Escarcha Y Sol – Trencito De Los Andes ,Ana Belen – Anatomia ,Paco De Lucía –
Conciertos De Aranjuez ,John Lennon – Double Fantasy ,Lazar’S Corner Of Lounge
Music: Eydie Gorme Y Los … , Luciana – Nuevo Dia ,Tormenta – Celebrando El Amor ,
Carlos Pizarro-Nada Vas A Lograr ,Yo Se Que Te Acordaras – Vol3 ,Lo Mejor De Rojo
Vip ,Frecuencia Mod .- Lindas Cantantes, Hermosas Canci… ,Juan Ramon ,Las Cuatro
Monedas ,Gilberto Monroig Interpreta A Bobby Capo ,Noches De Bohemia. ,Carlos
Cuevas. ,Franco De Vita ,Diana Maria – Completamente Loca ,Monica Cruz – Como Una
Gata ,Ramona Galarza – Con Alma Guaraní ,Donna Caroll – Lp Año 1973 ,Marta Fernandez
– Lp Año 1989 ,Soledad Bravo – Antologia ,Richard Clayderman – 20 Greatest Hits ,
Lupita Dalessio – 30 Exitos La Historia Musical 20… ,Frutos Del Pais – Grupo
Chileno De Fines De Los ‘6… ,Ricardo Montaner – Exitos ,Luis Dimas – Sus Grandes
Canciones ,Domenido Modugno – En Español ,Luciana – De Buenos Aires, Morena ,Luciana
– Quiero Tu Vida ,Los Wawanco – Cumbilandia ,Amanda Miguel – Calla ,Elianna –
Corazon Ajeno ,Camilo Sesto – Lo Mejor De Lo Mejor ,Elianna – Cable A Tierra ,
Manuela Bravo – Persona A Persona ,Franck Pourcel – Su Orquesta (Disco Nº 2) ,Hector
Pavez – Corazon De Escarcha ,Pimpinela – En Vivo , Guillermo Guido – Mujeres ,Monica
Cruz – Rendida A Tus Pies ,Graciela Yuste – Poetas De Mi Tiempo ,Franck Pourcel Y Su
Orquesta ,Pure Disco ,Horacio Guarany – Su Primer Lp ,Jerry Lee Lewis – The Country
Collection ,Franco Simone – En Castellano ,Andy Williams – Sus Grandes Exitos ,
Roberto Carlos ,Sonora Santanera – 20 De Coleccion ,Dedicatoria ,Manuela Bravo –
Vivir ,Manuela Bravo – Zona Prohibida ,Los Larks – Grandes Recuerdos ,Claudio
Baglioni En Español , Buddy Richard – Exitos ,Brigitte Bardot – Los Amigos De La
Musica ,Siempre Karina ,Los Grandes Exitos De Patrizio ,Maria Dolores Pradera ,
Snoopy’S Beatles ,Omara Portuondo Y Chucho Valdés_Desafios ,The Best Instrumental
2006 , Mocedades – Eres Tu (3° Servidor) ,Los Dandys – 20 Originales ,Camilo Sesto –
Jesucristo Super Estrella ,Marlene Dietrich ,Los Dandys ,Bobby Darin – Èxitos ,
Marisa – Llorando En El Andèn ,Timi Yuro – Hurt Y Otros Temas ,Lalo Vilches , Los
Panchos Y Maria Martha Serra Lima – Esencia Ro… ,Romántico Hasta Las Últimas
Consecuencias ,Los Panchos Martha (Estela Raval) ,Barbara Y Dick – 20 Secreto De
Amor ,The Four Tops – Exitos ,Juan Ramon – 20 Secretos De Amor , Grandes Exitos De
Los 60′ Y 70′. ,Willie Colon – The Best ,Palmenia Pizarro , Oscar De Leon – El Rey
De Los Soneros [Venezuela]…. ,Exitos De Los 60′ Y 70′ En Venezuela ,Kinito Mendez
– Con Sabor A Mi ,Peter Maffay – Du ,Sellado Con Un Beso ,Los Chalchaleros – 21
Grandes Exitos ,Gato Barbieri – Passion And Fire , Luis Arcaraz – 20 Éxitos ,Cuco
Sanchez – 20 Exitos ,Karina Amor A Millon ,Gipsy Kings ,Tumulto – Chile 1975 ,Juan
Bau – 30 Años De Exitos ,On The Radio Donna Summer ,Abba Gold ,Abba Oro ,Jon Secada ,
Para Todas Las Madrecitas Del Mundo , Simone – Canciones En Español ,Cesar Costa 20
Exitos ,Bugs Y Amigos ,Los 5inco Grandes Del Rock ,Vitrolita ,Ernesto Hill Olvera Y
El Organo Que Habla ,Valses Del Recuerdo ,Los Mejores Grupos De Los ’70 ,Roberto
Carlos – Se Eu Partir , Cantos Gregorianos – Obras Selectas ,Orquesta De La Luz ,
Andre Rieu Walz , Denise De Kalafe – 10 Exitos ,Marilyn Monroe – Hermosas Canciones ,
Sueños Compartidos Vol.Ii ,Consagradas De Ayer Hoy Y Siempre… ,Amame Con Marlene ,
Homenaje A Todas Las Madres ,Los Panchos – Amor De Boleros 2007 ,Danny Chilean –
Sus Exitos ,Juan Antonio Labra- Sus Mejores Canciones ,Patricio Manns – Arriba En La
Cordillera Y Mas ,Roberto Carlos Canta En Portugues 1981 ,Roberto Carlos – O
Calhambeque ,Sinatra At The Sands ,Gary Moore – 1982 Ballads & Blues 1994 ,Absolute
Relax – Música Para Relajarse ,Heleno – 20 Secretos De Amor , Maria Marta Serra Lima
– 30 Canciones ,Piero – Exitos ,Los Rebeldes Del Rock , Ana Gabriel – La Gran
Coleccion ,Gabriela Ferri ,Misa A La Chilena – Vicente Bianchi ,O Melhor Do Brasil –
Varios Artistas ,Ricardo Cocciante – Grandes Canciones En Español ,Gianni Morandi En
Español ,Gianni Bella – Canciones En Español ,Los Teen Tops ,Omara
Portuondo_Seleccion ,Mercedes Sosa_En Vivo En Europa – 1990 ,Daniela Romo – Grandes
Exitos ,Mercedes Sosa ,Yo Se Que Te Acordaras ,Seguimos Creciendo ,Piero – Coleccion
De Oro ,Canciones Romanticas , Neo Folklore Chileno – Volumen Nº 01 ,Mercedes Sosa –
Acustico ,Gilbert Becaud – Sus Grandes Èxitos En Español ,El Rincon De Los Recuerdos
,Los Angeles Negros ,Oscar Aleman Acompañado Por La Orquesta De Jorge A… ,Los Tres
Reyes ,Claudia De Colombia ,Jorge Yañez Y Los Moros ,Las Más Bellas Canciones De
Joselito -1980 ,Abel Velásquez “El Mago” – Letra Y Música ,Gabriela Ferri – Exitos ,
Alfredo De Angelis – Exitos ,Las Grandes Voces Del Tango ,Johnny Dynamo ,Locas
Pasiones_Laura Canoura Y Hugo Fattoruso ,Del Guateque A La Discoteca ,Laura Leon ,
Matt Monro – Un Toque De Distincion (1982) ,Matt Monro En Español , Guadalupe Del
Carmen ,Laura Canoura- Bolero (2002) ,Juan Luis Guerra – Fogaratë ,Jhonny Ventura –
Exitos ,Joan Manuel Serrat – Gran Compilado ,Enrique Guzman Serie De Coleccion. ,
Mecano Descanso Dominical ,Glenn Miller – 20 Classics Tracks ,Cuco Sanchez – Con La
Guitarra De Antonio Bribiesc… ,Orquesta Ritmo Y Juventud – Exitos ,The London
Symphony Orchestra. ,Sonora Matancera Y Sus Cantantes ,Marco Antonio Muñiz. ,Noche Y
Dia Night And Day ,Los Bukis – Como Dejar De Amarte ,Coleccion De Oro ,Los Grandes
Cantantes ,Leon Gieco_Serie De Oro ,Victor Manuel – Adonde Iran Los Besos ,Victor
Manuel – El Hijo Del Ferroviario ,Corregido Link De “Sergio Y Estibaliz” ,Sellado
Con Un Beso – Oliver Y Elton Jhon – Sacrif… ,Los Xochimilcas ,Amambay Cardozo
Ocampo – Recuerdos Musicales Del P… ,Juan Cancio Barreto – Homenaje A Herminio
Gimene… ,Trigo Limpio ,Serenata A Mi Madre ,Edith Piaf – Algunas De Sus Grandes
Canciones (… ,Greatest-Hits Albums: Compay Segundo – Las Flores … , Historia Del
Folclore Latinoamericano – Vol.2 ,Sergio Y Estibaliz – Solo Exitos ,Trigo Limpio –
15 Lindas Canciones ,Conjunto Casino_Cancion Del Alma ,Buena Vista Social Club ,
Linda Ronstadt ,Maria Victoria_20 Exitos_La Hora Azul ,Bee Gees 1st – 1967 ,Los
Iracundos – El Sonido De Los Iracundos ,Los Angeles Negros Y Volvere ,Ana Gabriel-
Mi Mexico ,Tony Ronald — Sus Canciones Màs Famosas En Españo… ,23 “Inolvidables”
Boleros De Tito Rodriguez ,Leo Dan – Canciones De Amor ,Sarita Montiel_Canciones De
Mi Vida ,Del Guateque A La Discoteca ,Pecos – Una Historia ,Bola De Nieve ,Joe
Dassin – Sus Exitos ,Victor Manuel – El Perro Del Garaje ,Pedro Infante – Las
Mañanitas ,Cesar Pueyrredon – Vocalista Grupo Banana ,Celia Cruz – Boleros (2002) ,
Ricos Y Pobres 15 Exitos ,Cuban Stars , Waldo De Los Rios ,Fernando Albuerne – Ahora
Que Eres Mia ,Braulio – Coleccion Imposibles De Olvidar ,Grandes Damas Del
Bolero_María Luisa Landín Y Ampa… , Paz Martinez – Enamorado ,Los Duetos Que
Hicieron Historia ,Ottmart Liebert- Nouveau Flamenco ,Tito Rodriguez- Esta Es Mi
Historia ,Lola Flores_15 Exitos , Arena Movediza – La Fuerza Del Rock – 1984 ,Aida
Cuevas Canta A Juan Gabriel_Con El Mariachi… ,Mocedades – Antologia (2cd) ,Jose
Luis Perales – Mis 30 Mejores Canciones ,Kenny G – Melodías Románticas ,Del Guateque
A La Discoteca Vol1. Y Vol2. De 10 ,Cacho Tirao – Imágenes ,Florcita Motuda – Genio
Y Figura ,Los Churumbeles De España ,Boleros De Hoy ,Cacho Tirao – Tangos Y Milongas
,Hermanos Carrion ,Waldo De Los Rios – Sinfonia 40 ,Fiesta Latina , Nestor Torres –
Sin Palabras ,Alexandre Pires – Un Idolo ,El Simbolo ,Jose Jose Cuidado ,Jose Luis
Perales ,Los Cuatro Cuartos – Adiòs Al Sèptimo De Lìnea ,Iva Zanicchi ,Camilo Sesto
– Compilado Best ,Romanticos De Siempre ,Jose Luis Perales ,Hombre De La Mancha, El ,
Francis Goya – Su Guitarra Y Sus Grandes Exitos ,Los Chicanos – 20 Exitos ,Bobby
Solo – Una Lácrima Sul Viso ,Lola Beltran Canta Las Canciones Mas Bonitas ,100
Boleros Y Bohemias ,The Platters – Anthology ,Los Cuatro Cuartos Grandes Exitos
_____________… ,Claudio Luhr – Fantasia Chilena En Guitarras ,Jorge Cafrune – Yo
Le Canto A Paraguay ,Lo Mejor De Yo Se Que Te Acordaras ,Los Duetos Sensacionales De
Pedro Vargas ,Joyitas Oldies – Grandes Cantantes ,Luis Bordon – Harpa Tropical ,
Cecilia ,Mexico A Magical Tour ,Mexico A Magical Tour Trios ,Maria Dolores Pradera ,
Ray Barreto – Barreto ,Il Dibo – Siempre ,Sarita Montiel – La Violetera ,Manoella
Torres – Las Canciones Que Siempre Ame ,Manoella Torres – Disco De Oro ,Clasicos Del
Rock De Los ’70 – Volùmen-1 ,Cheo Feliciano_Una Voz…Mil Recuerdos ,Cheo
Feliciano_Romántico ,Cheo Feliciano_Sentimiento Tú ,Cheo Feliciano Y La Rondalla
Venezolana_Total ,Libertad Lamarque _ La Dama Del Tango ,Jose Luis Perales Tiempo De
Otoño ,Leandro & Leonardo – Camargo & Luciano ,Carlos Di Sarli Canta Roberto Rufino ,
Tenores Inolvidables De Mexico ,Boleros En La Voz De Cheo Feliciano ,Jose Luis
Perales 17 Super Exitos ,Placido Domingo – Nuevo Servidor ,Leo Dan Y Los Manseros
Santiagueños – Santiago Que… ,Enrique Guzman – Que Vuelvas ,Ali Farka Toure &
Toumani Diabate – In The Heart O… ,Grupo Yndio ,Nuestra Cecilia – La Incomparable
Nos Visito ,Saturnino Lopez – Litoral De Mi Vida ,Alberto Beltran_Coleccion De Oro ,
Laura Fygí – The Latin Touch , Master Key ,The Big Band – Greatest Hits Vol.1 (Va) ,
Roy Rogers – Musica Country ,Los Siete Magnificos ,Romanticos De Cuba Vol 5 Al 7 ,
Whitney Houston – Greatest Hits ,Chuck Mangione- Classics ,Romanticos De Cuba Vol 1
Al 4. , Julio Iglesias Tango ,Donna Summers – Endless Summer:Greatest Hits ,Pedro
Messone ,Sandro – Sus Canciones Pocos Conocidas ,Guajiro Natural ,Felipe Pirela Y
Cheo García ,Juan Diego Flórez_Sentimiento Latino ,Polo Montañez – El Ultimo Beso ,
Exitos De Julio Jaramillo ,Placido Domingo-Por Amor ,Erotic And Sexual Music. ,Los
Exitos De Daniel Santos ,Mano Amano Sensacional Olimpo Cardenas Julio Jar… ,Daniel
Santos Idolos De America ,Pan Pipes Of The Andes – Flight Of The Condor ,Enrique
Chia – Con Amor ,Jose Jose -Amor Amor ,Placido Domingo – Por Amor ,La Lupe-
Nostalgias ,Bill Halley ,Danny Daniel ,Gino D’Auri – Flamenco Mystico ,Danny Daniel-
De Coleccion ,Placido Domingo Y Paloma Sanbasilio – Por Fin Junt… ,Javier Solis –
Sombras ,Paloma San Basilio ,Diana Ross And The Supremes – Number Ones ,Barry
Manilov – The Greatest Songs Of Sixties ,Luis Alberto Martinez – El Corazòn Que
Canta ,Ramon Aguilera – Sentimiento Popular ,Paul Mauriat – The Best Of – Cd2 ,
Enrique Guzman Con Los Salvajes ,Los Grandes Del Baile ,El Hombre Aparecido- Tony
Camargo ,Tenampa – Jose Jose ,Rocio Durcal – Amor Eterno ,Paul Mauriat – The Best Of
Vol.1 ,Pino Donaggio – Sus Exitos ,Duo De Acordeones – Canciones Enganchadas ,Los
Cuatro Hermanos Silva ,Bart Esta Con Nosotros ,Canti Del Folklore Italiano – Coro
Folk S. Lázzaro… ,Para Enchular Nuestras Entradas ,Dr.Alfonso Ortiz Tirado ,Lucha
Villa 12 Exitos ,Jose Jose – Historia Del Principe – Exitos ,Buscando Una Sonrisa ,
Quique El Romantico ,Lifetime Of Romance – Young Love ,Los Indios Tacunau – Luna De
Arrabal ,La Lupe – La Ley Del Deseo ,La Magia De Boney M , Felipe Pirela_El
Bolerista De América ,Henry Jerome – Metais Em Brasa Vol.1 , Henry Jerome – Metais
Em Brasa Vol.4 ,Enrique Chia – A La Isla Del Encanto , Jose Jose – Sus Primeros
Exitos ,Chico Novarro – Exitos ,Fato – Terrenal , Enrique Guzman Y El Grupo Nahuatl ,
Los Cuatro De Chile -Homenaje A Oscar Castro ,Tributo Romantico ,Nostalgicos Volumen
– 1 = Sellado Con Un Beso Y Ot… ,Nico Fidenco – Sus Exitos ,Memorias Del Alma_Juan
Carlos Coronel ,Miltiño_En Un Rincón Del Alma ,Mocedades – Marinero De Agua Dulce ,
Ray Conniff´S – Hawaiian Album ,Antologia Latina ,Emmanuel = Amor Total ,Jose Jose =
Aun Estoy De Pie , Los Solitarios ,Gianni Morandi – Sus Exitos ,Enrique Guzman Y El
Grupo Nahuatl , Los Jockers – Gran Grupo De La Dècada Del ’70 ,Y Ahora Lola… Un
Regalo A Mi Madre ,Lucha Villa Y Aida Cuevas ,Danny Rivera – Te Regalo Una Rosa ,
María Graña_Tangos ,Zariz – Vida Interior ,Diego Verdaguer – Combo De Exitos – Somos
Historia… ,Conjunto Los De Ramon – Lo Mejor ,Peppino Di Capri – Sus Exitos , Jose
Jose – 20 Triunfadoras ,Albano & Romina Power – Grandes Exitos ,Rita Pavone – Sus
Exitos ,Lon Indios Tabajaras – 1972 – Suave, Como Un Aman… , Marco Antonio Muñiz
Con Los Caballeros De La Rond… ,Binomio De Oro – Que Viva El Vallenato ,Pandora –
Con Amor Eterno Vol. 2 ,Violeta Parra – El Folklore Y La Pasión ,Nueva Ola Chilena –
Grandes Canciones Que No Eran … ,Las Cuatro Brujas – Grandes Exponentes Del
Neofolk… ,Enrique Guzman – Exitos Internacionales ,El Hombre Aparecido ,Maria
Conchita Alonso – Mirame ,Te Amare – Las Canciones De Amor De La Nueva Trova… ,
Nueva Trova Cubana_Exitos , Enrique Y Ana ,Pacido Domingo – Tango ,Discografia De
Antonio Aguilar ,Tito Fernánez_Boleros [1973] ,Silvia Y Enrique ,Quelentaro –
Buscando Siembra , Nostalgicos -Ii – Sandro Giacobbe- Massimo Ranieri… ,Luis
Aguile – Recordando Sus Exitos ,Jose Luis Rodriguez Y Raul Di Blasio – Clave De A…
, Basilio – Grandes Exitos ,Fantasia Española De Agustin Lara Con Javier Solis… ,
Jorge Falcon – Sus Exitos (2da. Entrega) ,Sandro – Muchacho ,100 Joyas Del Rock And
Roll ,Va – Fall In Love With Piano (2007) ,Un Abrazo Enorme Para Todos ,Raices Incas
– El Condor Pasa [2 Cds] ,Mexico Con Las Grandes Voces Del Mundo ,Boleros – The
History Of Romance [3 Cds] ,Enrique Chia – Sones Y Tradiciones ,Homenaje A “La
Cumparsita” – En Sus 90 Años ,Bee Gees 1967 ,Jorge Falcon – Sus Exitos , Marco
Antonio Muñiz -Canta Lo Romantico De Jose Al… ,Nicolas Caballero El Maestro Del
Arpa ,Enrique Guzman ,Enrique Y El Twist ,Algo De Aquellos Tiempos De La Vieja Ola,
Para Lo… ,Enrique Heredia Negri_El Ultimo Beso ,Enrique Guzman ,Los 100 Boleros
Mas Hermosos ,Lola Beltran – Desde El Palacio De Bellas Artes – … ,Binomio De Oro
De America – Impredecible ,Bso – El Perfume. Historia De Un Asesino ,Binomio De Oro
– Lo Mejor De Rafael Orozco ,Pandora En Vivo – Concierto En Ciudad De Mèxico- … ,
Binomio De Oro De America – Haciendo Historia ,Binomio De Oro De America – Dificil
De Igualar ,Favoritas Femeninas- Grandes Cantantes, Hermosas C… ,Arturo Millan *
Ganador Del Festival De Benidorm ,Emmanuel – Presenta ,Gilda – 25 Enganchados ,Gilda
,El Cuarteto Imperial- Sus Exitos ,Compilado Para Nostalgicos ,Roberto Yanes-
Corazon A Corazon ,Chris Spheeris – Mystic Traveller. 1996 ,Los Indianos – Antología
,Srah Brightman – Classic – The Best Of ,Julio Iglesias – Raices , Zapato Veloz –
Ponti Country La Pared ,Violeta Rivas – Cronología ,Isabel Pantoja – Todos Mis
Grandes Exitos ,Alan Y Sus Bates Gran Grupo De … ,W I L D O – Gran Cantante De La
Nueva Ola ,Luis Mariano – Vida Cotidiana Y Canciones , Marino Marini Y Su Cuarteto ,
Pandoblogmar ,Ramona Galarza ,Ramona Galarza – Grandes Exitos ,Manoella Torres –
Aceptame Como Soy (1984) ,Marisela – Noches Eternas (Con Mariachis) ,Santana –
Greatest Hits ,Compay Segundo – Duetos ,Nana Mouskouris – Un Bolero Por Favor ,Nat
King Cole – A Mis Amigos En Español ,Los Panchos – Cantan A Gardel ,Tulio Enrique
Leon – 20 Exitos ,Lolita De España – Sus Mejores Canciones ,Marco Antonio Muñiz – La
Serenata Del Siglo ,Lucecita: En Escena ,No Mercy – My Promise ,Art Garfunkel – Some
Enchanted Evening , Ramona Galarza – Alma Guaraní ,Spicks And Specks (Monday Rains) ,
Pandoras – Hace Tres Anoches Apenas 1997 ,Palito Ortega – Boleros ,Lucho Gatica –
Boleros De Oro ,Rocio Durcal – Alma Ranchera. 2004 ,Nino Bravo & Elio Roca – El Gran
Encuentro ,Los Mejores Grupos – Solo Para Ti (4 Cd) ,Miguel Mateos – Grandes Exitos.
1995 ,Rita Pavone – Exitos ,Musica Libre ,Cristobal – Sus Grandes Canciones ,Lorenzo
Valderrama – Inmortales ,Donald – 20 Grandes Exitos ,Cecilia Milone – Besos Brujos ,
Hugo Del Carril ,Tania Libertad ,Marcos Lluna – Hechicera 2003 ,Danny Rivera – 45
Aniversario En Concierto ,Valeria Lynch – Ellas Cantan Asi ,Recordando A Lupita
Palomera ,Aida Cuevas_Mexicanismo ,Carlos Cuevas_2001-La Diferencia ,Desde El Alma –
Tango Vals ,Jean Paul Ventura Orchestra – Melodías En Ocarina ,Tania Libertad ,Cuba
Mi Amor ,Beny Moré Y 11 Leyendas De La Música Cubana ,Justi Barreto Y Su Grupo
Folklórico , Boleros_Décadas De Los 40’S ,Guadalupe Pineda_Serie Platino ,Guadalupe
Pineda Con Los Tríos Del Siglo ,Alberto Cortez Le Canta A Atahualpa Yupanqui ,Rigo
Tovar – La Historia De Un Idolo ,Historia Del Folklore Latinoamericano Del S. Xx ,
Valeria Lynch – Tangos ,Tulio Enrique Leon ,Romanticos De Cuba – Fantastico ,Bert
Kaempfert ,The Platers – Golden Hits ,Alci Acosta – Porque Yo Quiero ,Ray Conniff ,
Palito Ortega – Grandes Canciones ,Pedro Vargas_La Hora Azul ,Genaro Salinas ,Musica
Del Recuerdo (Musica Libre) – Vol1 Y Vol2 ,The Ramblers – La Orquesta De Los Años
Felices ,Trio Los Panchos & Gigliola Cinquetti ,John Williams (1994)\B.S.O. La Lista
De Schindler ,Salvatore Adamo – Concierto En Santiago ,Grupo Miramar ,Camilo Sesto
En Vivo – Festival De Viña 1981 ,Charles Aznavour En Epañol – Venecia Sin Ti ,Los
Union Gap ,Altemar Dutra – El Romántco De Ayer, Hoy Y Siempre… ,Santonio –
Melodías En Sikus ,Las Cuerdas De Werner Müller – Werner Müller Y Su … ,Pee Wee
Hunt ,Santo Morales Orquesta Y Coros – Boleros Enganchad… ,Gloria Lasso ,Sandro Y
Los De Fuego , Maria Callas ,Antonio Machin – 30 Grandes Éxitos De ,Mike Laure ,Los
Indios Tabajaras ,Guillermo Davila – Exitos ,Javier Solis – El Señor De Sombras ,Luz
Eliana La Mejor Voz De Chile ,Zalo Reyes – Lo Mejor ,Alfredo Zitarrosa – 1966 , Los
Yonics – 22 Exitos ,Joselito ,Concha Piquer (1908 – 1990) ,Los Iracundos – 25
Canciones ,La Lupe – Too Much ,Pan Pipe – I Will Always Love You ,Lucho Barrios ,
Olga Guillot – El Son Se Fue De Cuba [1993] ,Los De La Flauta (Flauta De Pan) –
Interpretan A L… ,Lucho Gatica ,Riccardo Cocciante ,Camilo Sesto – Lo Mejor De Lo
Mejor ,Sonia Lopez Con La Sonora Santanera ,Willy Monti – Y Sus Èxitos ,Imperio
Argentina ,Paul Mauriat Su Gran Orquesta – Brasil ,Maria Dolores Pradera ,Werner
Müller Y Su Orquesta – Paseando Por Italia ,Estela Nuñez – Lo Mejor ,Maria Luisa
Landin – Coleccion Bolero ,Nueva Ola – Mas Inmortales ,Angelica Maria – Lo Mejor ,
Jose Mojica ,Los Galos ,Este Es Un Aporte De Falby, Gracias Por Cooperar… ,Larry –
Wilson – Sus Mejores Canciones ,Luis Angel ,La Otra Fe ,Beny Moré – Lo Mejor De Lo
Mejor (Cd2) , Mario Lanza ,Francisco Xavier ,Stars On Classic – The Beatles ,Julio
Sosa – El Varòn Del Tango ,Fernando Ubiergo ,Pato C – Enganchados Para Boites (1979)
, Barry Gibb & The Bee Gees ,Xiomara Alfaro [Cubana] ,Editus_Decadauno ,En La
Soledad_Khrysol ,Simone ,Jose Feliciano – Señor Bolero 2 ,Bienvenida A Krysol ,
Miriam Hernandez – Amor En Concierto ,Juan Arvizu ,Los Linces – 20 Secretos De Amor ,
Benny Moré – Lo Mejor Del Mejor (Cd1) ,María Luisa Landín_14 Exitos Originales ,
Romanticas Chilenas – Grandes Cantantes ,Rosita Serrano ,Musica Libre – Las
Canciones En Inglès Que Se … ,Estela Nuñez – Te Acuerdas – Grandes Exitos ,Viva La
Nostagia – La Època Dorada En 20 Cancion… ,Luz Casal – Hermosa Voz, Hermosas
Canciones ,Joyitas En Italiano – Grandes Èxitos De Los Años ‘… ,Caravelli Y Su
Orquesta – Interpreta A Julio Igles… ,Joyitas En Español – Grandes Recuerdos De
Los Años… ,La Colecciòn Definitiva De : Gloria Benavides ,Waldo De Los Rios –
España Electrodinámica ,The Carpenters – Only Yerterday ,Melody Sound Track ,Enrico
Caruso – Tenor Italiano (1873-1921) , Manolo Galvan – 20 Secretos De Amor ,Werner
Müller Y Su Orquesta – Gitano ! , The Carpenters – Made In América ,Los Bonchones –
Boleros Rítmicos Enganchados , Expreso De Medianoche ,Rene Inostroza ,Osvaldo Diaz –
Ternura Y Otros Èxitos , Marisole – Gran Cantante De La Nueva Ola Chilena ,Facundo
Cabral – Inolvidables – 20 Grandes Exitos ,Mocedades – Eres Tu [Nuevo Enlace] ,
Facundo Cabral – Ferrocabral ,Raul D´Blasio ,Werner Müller Su Gran Orquesta – Tangos
Espectacul… ,Cien Años De Mariachi ,Barbara Y Dick – Sus Grandes Exitos ,Pat Henry
– Gran Cantante De La Època Dorada ,A Propósito De Alberto Cortez , Pandora ,Alberto
Cortez Y Facundo Cabral – Lo Cortez No Qui… ,Las Mañanitas , Nos Hemos Ganado Un
Oscar ,R A P H A E L – Gran Compilado Con Sus Mejores C… , B B Muñoz –
Recopilación De Exitos ,Alberto Beltran _ Boleros De Siempre , Franck Pourcel Y Su
Gran Orquesta – Música De Pelí… ,Bienvenida Al Prof.Renè , José María Napoleón ,
Bert Kaempfert , John Williams – El Diablo Suelto ,Joan Manuel Serrat – Cansiones ,
Festival De San Remo – Alguna De Sus Mejores Canci… ,T H E * A P P A R I T I O N S
– Cuando Un Hombre S… ,Roberto Vicario – Grandes Exitos ,Jose Luis Rodriguez Con
Los Panchos – Inolvidable … ,Los De Siempre ,Juan Ramon – Sus Mejores Canciones ,
Pomada – Grandes Exitos , Astor Piazzola – Por Siempre (6 Cds) ,Petula Clark ,Paul
Anka – Greatest Hits , Bienvenida A Los Nuevos Colaboradores ,T H E * S H I R E L L
E S – ¿Me Querràs Mañana? ,Charles Aznavour – En Castellano ,Demis Roussos – Lo
Mejor En Español , Donald – 20 Grandes Exitos ,Tormenta – 20 Grandes Exitos ,Can Can
– 1960 , Luis Grillo ,Roberto Carlos – Esencia Romántica (2002) [6 Cd’S]… ,
Libertad Lamarque – Tango Ranchero ,Lobo Y Melón – Con Sabor A Trópico ,Bienvenida A
Talquino ,Lifetime And Romance ,Engelbert Humperdinck – Grandes Exitos ,Julio Zegers
– Cantautor Chileno ,Bienvenida A Pamaco ,Gigliola Cinquetti ,Elsa Baeza – Sus
Exitos , John Willians Plays Barrios ,Manolo Otero – Sus Mejores Exitos , Bso: El
Cid – Les Alcarsons – 1961 ,Dean Martin – Samy Davis Jr – Frank Sinatra ,Dalila ,
Bienvenida A Un Nuevo Colaborador ,Roberto Carlos – 1973 ,Bienvenida A Carlos
Alberto ,Celine Dion – Miracle [2004] ,Celine Dion – Duets ,Billy Caffaro – Sus Más
Grandes Exitos , Joan Baptista Humet – Melancolia ,Chavela Vargas – En Carnagie Hall
,Los Angeles Negros – Antologia ,Joan Baptista Humet – Dialogos ,Los Angeles Negros
– A Tu Recuerdo ,Argentino Ledezma – Seleccion [2 Cds] ,Oscar D’Leon – Fuzionando ,
Ray Conniff – Besame Mucho ,Carlos Gardel Y Otros Contemporaneos ,Raffaella Carra –
20 Greatest Hits ,Lupita D’Alessio , Agustin Lara – 20 Grandes Exitos ,Davi Haro –
Le Llamaban Loca ,Mario Clavell – Una Vida De Canciones ,Los Tres Caballeros ,
Charles Aznavour – Sus Mas Grandes Exitos En Españ… ,Orquesta Los Peniques ,
Enrique Chia – Mi Piano Para Ti , Alberto Cortez Y Facundo Cabral- Cortezias Y
Cabra… ,Jennifer Lopez – Como Ama Una Mujer. 2007 ,Toña La Negra Y Armando
Manzanero. Idolos Inolvida… , Emmanuel – 20 Exitos ,The Mamas & The Papas – Words
Of Love ,Los Panchos Y Guty Cardenas ,Braulio – Lo Bello Y Lo Prohibido ,Toña La
Negra- Boleros , Eric Rogers ,Charlie Chaplin – The Essential Film Music Collect… ,
Simply The Best Vol. 3 ,Los Tres Ases – 40 Temas Originales ,Julio Jaramillo – Album
De Oro , Enrique Chia – Piano Inolvidable ,Oscar Chavez Y Los Pregoneros Del
Recuerdo – Vera… ,Don Canuto Y Los De Antaño ,Enrique Chia – Piano Con Sabor ,
Enrique Chia – Piano Inolvidable ,Simply The Best 70s Vol 2 ,Jose Luis Rodriguez –
La Historia Del Puma 2007 ,Carlos Gonzalez ,Hernaldo Zuñiga – Basico (En Vivo) ,
Mario Quintero – 15 Exitos – Románticamente… ,Fato – Bohemia Con El Alma , Umberto
Tozzi En Español , Alberto Cortez – Mis Momentos ,Jose Feliciano Entre Amigos ,Juan
Y Juan – 20 Secretos De Amor ,Simply The Best 70s ,Musica Para Marlon ,Paco De Lucia
– Antologia [2 Cds] ,Bso – Rosemary’S Baby ,Pedido De Disculpas A Los Lectores Del
Blog ,Luisa Maria Guell ,Nucha Amengual ,The Champs – Tequila Golden Classics ,Astor
Piazzolla – Sur ,Los Panchos – Leyendas Vol. 1 ,Bienvenido Granda ,Gullermo Platas ,
Mocedades – Eres Tú ,Celine Dion – Duets ,Los Paraguayos ,Eydie Gorme Y El Trio Los
Panchos , Bebo Valdez & Diego El Cigala – Lagrimas Negras ,Trio Los Panchos –
Leyendas ,Zorba The Greek – Mikis Theodorakis ,Que Saben Los Pitucos ,De Mi Alma
Latina – Placido Domingo , Garibaldi ,Linda Ronstadt – Frenesì ,Edmundo Rivero –
Esencia Criolla ,Ana Reverte ,Luis Miguel Y Lucerito – Fiebre De Amor ,Los Diablos –
Lo Mejor ,Nilo Amaro E Os Cantores De Ébano – Os Anjos Canta… ,Todo Gardel – 1932 ,
Amor Fascìname – Alejandra Avalos ,Los Mitos ,Miguel Rios ,Leo Dan – Mis Treinta
Mejores Canciones , Carlinhos Y Su Bandita ,Engelbert Humperdinck – The Very Best Of
,Leo Dan ,The Last Samurai ,Nada ,La Voz Del Peru – Chabuca Granda , Burt Barcharch
– Buch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid… ,Karina ,Celia Cruz – Boleros ,Chabuca Granda
– La Flor De La Canela ,Lifetime Of Romance ,Simply The Best 60s ,Fina Seleccion De
Recuerdos Musicales ,Laureano Brizuela ,Trio Matamoros ,Estela Raval Y Los Cinco
Latinos , Alejandro Dolina ,Hugo Blanco , Basilio ,Bso – The Pianist (Roman Polanski)
,Posdata – Icaro 1987 ,Connie Francis En Español ,Connie Francis – The Very Best Of
,Quinteto Contrapunto, [De Venezuela] 2 Cds. ,Osvaldo Pugliese – Ausencia ,Juan
Erasmo Mochi – 30 Años Y Un Día ,Los Wawanco – 50 Años De Fiesta 2 Cd. ,100 Boleros
De Amor ,Diego Verdaguer – Exitos Para Siempre ,Luis Cobos – Mexicano ,Jose Maria
Napoleon – 20 Grandes Exitos ,Huáscar Barradas – Candela ,Paz Martinez – 20 Grandes
Exitos , Romanticos Inolvidables ,Los Panchos – 20 Exitos De Oro ,Baladas Del
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Mi Vida ,Rene & Rene ,Antologia De La Musica Folklorica De Chile ,Luis Eduardo Aute
– Alas Y Balas , Carlos Cuevas – Popurris Boleros ,Yaco Monti ,Albert Hammond – En
Español ,Sagrario Baena ,Soledad Bravo ,Amada Mia ,Demis Roussos – The Golden Voice
Of ,Albertinho Fortuna – Tangos Inesquecíveis ,Pintura Fresca , La Pequeña Compañia ,
Los Indios Tabajaras ,Carlos Del Llano ,Oscar Chavez – 20 Exitos ,Los Paraguayos ,
Manoella Torres – De La Tierra Al Cielo ,Canciones Inolvidables Iii ,Industria Del
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Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan – Musica De América ,Dyango – Serenata ,Roberto Carlos
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Ismael Miranda – Exitos De Los 50 ,Mijares – Tributo A Jose Jose ,Joan Manuel Serrat
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Rondalla Del Amor De Saltillo ,Barbarito Diez – Señor Danzón ,Trocha Angosta , Jorge
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Philharmonic Orchestra Play Beatles ,Los Flockloristas -Mexico ,Mike Laure ,Rocio
Jurado – Señora ,Antonio Prieto – 20 Mejores ,Conjunto Chaney – Somos Amigos ,Maria
Luisa Landin , Cuco Valoy – Lo Mejor De La Salsa ,Los Dos Oros – Mexicanisimo ,
Gracias Rubén, Saludos Gente. ,Alfredo Sadel ,Magneto , Antonio Molina – 30 Grandes
(2 Cds) ,German Valdes – Tin Tan – Mi Antología , Los Rockets ,El Cantar De
Sudamerica – Los Tres Sudamericanos ,Simone – Loca , Industria Del Amor – 20 Kilates
Musicales ,The Fevers , The Platters – Collection 20 Golden Hits ,Nana Mouskouri –
Exitos En Español ,The Mamas & The Papas- The Best Of ,Tres Morais ,Ismael Rivera –
El Sonero Mayor , Orquesta De Armonicas De Curitiba ,Los Huasos Quincheros –
Antologia ,Los Flockloristas – Mexico ,Sandro – Mis 30 Mejores Canciones ,
Dedicatorias Por El Dia De San Valentin ,Jose Feliciano – Señor Bolero ,Armando
Manzanero – 20 Éxitos -Serie Platino- (199… ,Roberto Carlos – Duetos ,Aldo Monges
– La Vuelta Del Trovador , Grupo Pandoras – Acustico 2006 ,Lissette Alvarez ,Baladas
Del Recuerdo. Vol. 2 , Alberto Plaza – Grandes Exitos 2 Cd. ,Daniela Romo ,La
Orquesta Billo’S De Caracas , Roberto Carlos ,Danny Rivera – Serenata ,Dyango –
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Damaso Perez Prado ,Pedro Vargas – 100 Años De Musica ,Jose Luis Rodriguez – 30
Mejores Canciones ,Tributo Al Rey Roberto Carlos ,Miguel Aceves Mejias – A Media De
La Noche Y Otros… ,Nidia Caro ,Los Hermanos Castro ,Video Tutorial Para Subir
Archivos En Rapidshare ,Baladas Del Recuerdo – Volumen 1 ,Aldo Monges , Alejandro
Jaen ,Lucero – 20 Kilates Musicales ,Maria Marta Serra Lima ,Frankie Laine ,Leo
Marini – Resubido ,Luis Aguile – Resubido ,El Baul De Los Recuerdos Iii ,El Baul De
Los Recuerdos Ii ,Katunga – 20 Grandes Exitos ,The Ventures , Herve Vilard ,El Baul
De Los Recuerdos ,Como Descomprimir Los Archivos ,Trio Los Tres Ases ,Como Bajar De
Rapidshare ,Los Gatos – La Balsa ,Nicola Di Bari , Massiel ,Marco Antonio Muñiz – Mi
Borinquen Querida , Miriam Hernandez – Huellas ,Francis Cabrel – Algo Mas De Amor ,
Los Mustang ,Emilio Jose ,Ginamaria Hidalgo – Los Esenciales ,Jose Alfredo Jimenez ,
Guaranias…… Con Saxo Y Orquesta ,Beto Orlando Y Los Cuatro Soles ,Miguel
Gallardo ,Jairo ,Silvana Di Lorenzo ,Alejandro De Rosas ,Agradecimientos ,Jueves De
Notalgias ,Roberto Carlos – Duetos ,Nelson Ned – Antologia ,Rigo Tovar – Recuerdos –
Disco 3 , Volver – Amaya , Albano Y Romina Power En Español ,Los Exitos De Los 90s –
M80 , Los Exitos De Los 80s M80 ,Los Exitos De Los 70s M80 ,Jueves De Nostalgias ,
The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra Play Beatles ,Feliz Navidad ,Los Cinco Latinos , Los
Tres Sudamericanos , Mari Trini Con Los Panchos ,Jeanette – Historia , Fernando De
Madariaga ,Luis Alberto Del Parana – El Trobador Tropical ,Elio Roca ,The Greatest
Western Movie Themes ,Leo Marini “La Voz Que Acaricia” ,Jose Feliciano Y Amigos ,
Musica Latina And Love ,La Super Discoteva Volumenes Xi Y Xiii- Resubido ,Tributo Al
Rey Roberto Carlos ,100 Exitos Clasicos De La Cumbia , Canciones Inolvidables 2 ,
Canciones Inolvidables , Emmerson Nogueira – Ao Vivo , Andrè Rieu – Fiesta ,Tormenta
– 20 Grandes Exitos , Revelacion Secreta – Nostalgias ,Cumbias Enganchadas Club Del
Recuerdo (2006) , Guitar By Candlelight ,La Super Discoteca Volumen Xv ,La Super
Discoteca Volumen Xiv ,La Super Discoteca Volumen Xiii ,La Super Dicosteca Volumen
Xii ,La Super Discoteca Volumen Xi ,La Super Discoteca Volumen X ,La Super Discoteca
Volumen Ix ,La Super Discoteca Volumen Viii ,La Super Discoteca Volumen Vii ,La
Super Discoteca Volumen Vi ,La Super Discoteca Volumen V ,La Super Discoteca Volumen
Iv ,La Super Discoteca Volumen Iii ,La Super Discoteca Volumen Ii ,La Super
Discoteca Volumen I ,Golden Instrumental Hits – 2 Cd ,Los Indios Tacunau – Los

Iran Graffiti and Urban Art Report

junio 12, 2007


junio 7, 2007

Descarga directa de Adal Ramones (1) Adan Chalino Sanchez (5) Alejandro Sanz (7)
Aleks Syntek (3) Allison (1) Ana Barbara (1) Asesino (1) Banda El Limon (1) Banda
Machos (1) Belanova (3) Bronco (1) Bunbury (2) Cafe Tacuba (2) Caifanes (6) Camila
(1) Cartel De Santa (1) Chapo (1) Chayanne (2) Chavela Vargas (1) Christian Castro
(1) Conjunto Primavera (1) Cynthia (1) Division Minuscula (1) El Flaco Elizalde (1)
Fito Paez (5) Franco De Vita (1) Genitallica (1) Gloria Estefan (1) Gloria Trevi (2)
Grupo Control (1) Grupo Hechizeros (1) Grupo Liberacion (1) Gustavo Cerati (1)
Heroes Del Silencio (5) Horoscopos De Durango (1) Jaguares (1) Jennifer Lopez (1)
Julieta Venegas (2) Jumbo (3) Kika Edgar (1) Kudai (1) La 5a Estacion (2) La Gusana
Ciega (4) La Ley (3) La Maldita Vecindad (1) La Oreja De Van Gogh (1) Laura Pausini
(7) Los Cardenales De N.L. (1) Los Fabulosos Cadillacs (1) Los Invasores De N.L. (1)
Los Rehenes (1) Los Traileros Del Norte (1) LU (1) Lupillo Rivera (1) Malu (3) Mana
(8) Marta Sanchez (1) Miguel Bose (1) Miguel Y Miguel (1) Miranda (2) Moderatto (2)
Moenia (1) Monica Naranjo (4) Nadia (2) Nikki Clan (1) Panda (4) Panteon Rococo (2)
Paulina Rubio (1) Pedro Infante (1) Plastilina Mosh (1) QBO (3) RBD (Rebelde) (6)
Reik (1) Reyli (1) Ricardo Montaner (1) Ricky Martin (1) Rigo Tovar (1) Sin Bandera
(1) Soda Stereo (10) Soraya (1) Timbiriche (1) Valentin Elizalde (1) Yndio (1) Zoe
(2) 666 (1) 30 Seconds To Mars (2) 36 Crazyfists (2) 50 Cent (6) Achilles (1)
Aerosmith (1) Aerosmith (1) Alanis Morissette (4) Armin Van Buuren (3) Ashley
Tisdale (1) AFI (3) Aftershock (1) Alizee (2) Alter Bridge (1) Apocalyptica (6)
Artic Monkeys (2) Avril Lavigne (2) Backstreet Boys (5) Billboard Top Hits (1) Black
Label Society (1) Black Stone Cherry (1) Bloc Party (2) Bon Jovi (1) Bond (2) Brand
New (1) Britney Spears (6) Bullet For My Valentine (1) Cannibal Corpse (1) Carmina
Burana (1) Celine Dion (1) Chevelle (2) Colplay (3) Cradle Of Filth (1) Cypress Hill
(2) Cyndi Lauper (1) Daddy Yankee (1) Deicide (1) Dir En Grey (4) Disney Forever (1)
DJ Tiesto (8) Dolores O’Riordan (1) Dream Theater (1) Eighteen Visions (2) Elvis
Presley (1) Enigma (1) Enrique Iglesias (1) Erotic Lounge 5 (1) Evanscence (4) Fall
Out Boy (1) Family Values Tour (1) Fatboy Slim (1) Finch (1) Finger Eleven (1)
Flyleaf (1) Foo Fighters (1) From Autumn To Ashes (2) Garbage (3) Gorillaz (2) Gym
Class Heroes (1) Haste The Day (1) Hayley Westenra (1) High And Mighty Color (1)
Hilary Duff (1) IL Divo (1) I’LL Nino (5) In Flames (1) In This Moment (1) Incubus
(1) Iron Maiden (1) Isis (1) Jack Of Jill (1) Jessica Simpson (1) Job For A Cowboy
(1) Kelis (1) Kelly Clarkson (1) Killswitch Engage (1) Kittie (3) Korn (2) Lacuna
Coil (5) Lenny Kravitz (1) Linkin Park (1) Lostprophets (3) Madonna (3) Marc Anthony
(1) Marilyn Manson (4) Maroon 5 (1) Melanie C (1) Metallica (10) Michael Jackson (5)
Misery Signals (1) Mortification (1) Motel (1) Mudhoney (1) Muse (5) My Chemical
Romance (2) Napalm Death (1) Nelly Furtado (3) Nightwish (5) Nirvana (1) No Doubt (1)
Now – Hits (2) Oasis (1) On The Last Day (1) Paul Van Dyk (1) Paramore (1) Pet Shop
Boys (6) Pitbull (1) Plus 44 (1) Poison The Well (1) Portishead (1) Pussycat Dolls
(1) Radiohead (3) Rammstein (5) Red Hot Chili Peppers (2) Rihanna (1) Rise Against
(1) Rockstar Supernova (1) Saliva (1) Sarah Brightman (1) Sean Paul (1) Seether (1)
Sevendust (1) Shakira (1) Shiny Toy Guns (1) Slipknot (5) Snoop Dogg (1) Sophie
Ellis Bextor (1) Soundgarden (1) Stone Temple Pilots (1) System Of A Down (3) Team
Sleep (1) The Black Dahlia Murder (1) The Bravery (1) The Cardigans (1) The Chemical
Brothers (2) The Clash (1) The Cranberries (7) The Cure (1) The Doors (3) The Eagles
(1) The Red Chord (1) The White Stripes (1) Trans Siberian Orchestra (1) Tristania
(1) U2 (1) Velvet Revolver (1) Will Smith (2)

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junio 7, 2007

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